small depacker routines

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Currently coding an Atari ST 480 bytes bootsector for Outline 2009, i'm using a lz77 packer with a small depacker:
Code:Min EQU 3 lea PackedData(pc),a0 lea Where2Depack(pc),a1 ;a0=@PackedData ;a1=@Where2Depack Depacker moveq.l #0,d0 move.b (a0)+,d0 ;d0=ControlByte beq.s DpkEnd bmi.s DpkMatch DpkNoMatch move.l a0,a2 ;a2=@CopyFrom=@PackedData add.l d0,a0 ;a0+=NbNoMatch subq.l #1,d0 bra.s DpkCopyOne DpkMatch moveq.l #0,d1 move.b (a0)+,d1 ;d1=Offset-1 addq.l #1,d1 ;d1=Offset move.l a1,a2 ;a2=@Where2Depack sub.l d1,a2 ;a2=@CopyFrom=@Where2Depack-Offset sub.b #129-Min,d0 ;d0=NbMatch=Control-128+Min-1 DpkCopyOne move.b (a2)+,(a1)+ dbra d0,DpkCopyOne bra.s Depacker DpkEnd ; bra Where2Depack clr.w -(sp) trap #1 PackedData ;ABCDABDABCD dc.b $06,$41,$42,$43,$44,$41,$42,$80,$02,$02,$43,$44,$00 Where2Depack

If i'm correct, the depacker is only 32 bytes long, but the lz77 packer doesn't work that well for 68k code (518 bytes to 329 when all loops are unrolled). Anyone has informations/ideas for packing demos <1k?

Pervect/Topix has made CodePressor, but it's designed specifically for the ARM processor (original idea by Tony Haines). Also my friend eXoTiCorn/ICeBird has a very small Huffman depacker, but you need 256b of statistical datas IIRC.
added on the 2009-04-26 17:27:08 by baah baah
Have you checked out UCL (http://www.oberhumer.com/opensource/ucl/) ?
There are decoder routines in 68k assembly in the downloadable archive afaik, but I'm not sure how small you can get the decoder routine.
added on the 2009-04-26 18:07:00 by mic mic
the ucl compressor is complete rubbish. you either want the real nrv or implement a packer yourself.

but in general, your best bet is designing decompressor+packed data format+compressor all at the same time.
added on the 2009-04-26 18:42:00 by ryg ryg
Thank you for the answers.

@mic: Seen on UCL's webpage
The decompressors can be squeezed into less than 200 bytes of code.

It's far too much for a <480 bytes bootsector. Unless they are far below 200 bytes, of course... ;)

@ryg: When coding for CodeCraft compos (<1k) on the ARM, it was nonetheless very pleasant to have ready to go packers designed for the processor. It's a bit strange to think in terms of lz77 compression... At the moment i'm replacing the fast 4*movem.l with different parameters by 4*3*move.l with similar parameters to improve compression! It's going against all i've done before...
added on the 2009-04-26 21:15:38 by baah baah