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Just an idea: maybe it would be nice to post some demoscene related desktop wallpapers.

I've thought in mixing some objects appearing in different prods. Also it would be nice to have a high quality/high res screenshot of Elevated, for example.

What do you think? I'm going to try to do something as soon as I have some free time.
added on the 2009-04-29 18:36:30 by texel texel
So far I have these hires images (up to 59 Megapixels). Not sure this is what you want or need:

Leizex at 4800x2700, 4.7 MB
BB Image

Organix at 4800x2700, 6.2 MB
BB Image

Organix at 6400x3600, 5.5 MB
BB Image

Ixaleno at 10240x7560, 19 MB
BB Image

Eleixane at 1280x720, 187 KB
BB Image

Kindercrasher at 4096x3072, 2.7 MB
BB Image

I will try to take shots for Elevated when I have a bit of time.
added on the 2009-04-29 19:10:29 by iq iq
mhhh.. How about a good bsg wallpaper?
While trying to show how I wanted the lighting for "Barcelos" to be like I felt like making a wallpaper for my laptop out of it.

Pretty unknown and irrelevant but here it is:
BB Image

Please don't let this thread die. It has so much potential!
added on the 2009-04-29 22:49:54 by gr9yfox gr9yfox
I use this
added on the 2009-04-29 23:00:28 by thec thec
I had this cool project of printing a few selected screenshots on photo paper with the size of a polaroid, and hang them around my room. It was aborted due too lack of ink. It would be funny to continue doing it and take them to parties and ask for ppl to sign them :P
added on the 2009-04-30 00:14:56 by xernobyl xernobyl
Cool thread :D

Actually not the kind of wallpaper I like at all, but it's awesome to see really high res/quality pics from demos. It takes away some of the beauty of the pictures as you see every fault and glitch, but it's great to see in detail how it's made so I think you gain as much as you lose.
added on the 2009-04-30 01:27:11 by psonice psonice
This link has some great backgrounds that LOOK like scene stuff but they're not....just some fantastic graphic design :)
added on the 2009-04-30 01:47:40 by ferris ferris
I made some (noob) background/artwork pics for my first intromission project some time ago:


added on the 2009-04-30 02:12:26 by stage7 stage7
stage7: Ever seen Tokyo/XPLSV? ;)
added on the 2009-04-30 02:29:32 by ferris ferris
I have it CDC'ed so I guess I've seen it, yes ;)
added on the 2009-04-30 02:34:23 by stage7 stage7
Well, not that those pics were inspired by Tokyo but I'm glad you remembered it. It started as an afternoon experiment combining basic forms in Bryce and turned out to be a nice scene to release an intro about and make an artwork for the 4k-mixtape project :)
added on the 2009-04-30 02:36:52 by stage7 stage7
iq: omg
iq: any versions for non-widescreen (e.g. 5:4) monitors? black bars = ungood :(
added on the 2009-04-30 15:21:40 by Gargaj Gargaj
gargaj: why not cropping?
it IS 16/9 not 4/2.25.
added on the 2009-04-30 15:23:48 by xernobyl xernobyl
At least that's what happens in CG. In cameras it has to do with the diagonal size.
added on the 2009-04-30 15:24:40 by xernobyl xernobyl
you cant crop the ixaleno pic without fucking up the detail on either side.
added on the 2009-04-30 15:39:24 by Gargaj Gargaj
iq you rule.
Gargaj: just crop it to the right ratio, it worked for me well enough, and no black bars anywhere...
added on the 2009-04-30 15:41:07 by FooLman FooLman
iq, those are awesome! thank you very much :)
added on the 2009-04-30 15:52:18 by xrs xrs
BB Image

Made for our (neglected :-) ) website...
added on the 2009-04-30 20:33:47 by Stebo Stebo
Texel, some frames from Elevated...

elevated 00 at 2048 x 1152 (403 KB)
BB Image

elevated 01 at 2048 x 1152 (311 KB)
BB Image

elevated 02 at 2048 x 1152 (353 KB)
BB Image

elevated 03 at 2048 x 1152 (467 KB)
BB Image

elevated 04 at 2048 x 1152 (395 KB)
BB Image

elevated 05 at 2048 x 1152 (416 KB)
BB Image

elevated 06 at 2048 x 1152 (337 KB)
BB Image

elevated 07 at 2048 x 1152 (376 KB)
BB Image

elevated 08 at 2048 x 1152 (302 KB)
BB Image

elevated 09 at 2048 x 1152 (356 KB)
BB Image

elevated 10 at 2048 x 1152 (475 KB)
BB Image

elevated 11 at 2048 x 1152 (394 KB)
BB Image
added on the 2009-04-30 21:44:12 by iq iq
#03 graces my desktop now :). Thanks a lot!
added on the 2009-04-30 22:12:00 by Alpha C Alpha C
Oh man, thanks iq!
added on the 2009-04-30 22:41:27 by gr9yfox gr9yfox