I need to be fit. Any suggestions?

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Just my 2 cents:

1. Set realistic goals. Don't try to do 60 push-ups or run for 120 minutes.
2. Practice continuity. Often, the limiting resource is not time, but motivation. In the morning, after waking up, drink a bit of water and do some push-ups. This takes less than 60 seconds.
3. Listen to your body. It's better to be weak than to have some permanent injuries.
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Oh, and also interesting:
4. Drink enough water. At the workplace, you can drink 1,5l from morning to lunch and 1,5l between lunch and afternoon. It feels unusual for the first few days, but one gets used to it.
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I'm just immensely sad that my brilliant River Phoenix joke fell to pieces. There goes a career in stand-up, maybe I'll start a thread about the immense sensation of loss.

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lo and behold, there are actually a few men named Will Power :)
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