Some ideas for would-be-cool/useful features :)

category: general [glöplog]
allowing users to change their old comments (which would also be nice couz that would mean you wouldnt have to add another comment to rate the prod) would be nice aswell..
added on the 2001-06-02 by ps
That'd still a good feature.
A little icon in all prod lists to tell you if you have already voted a prod or not
added on the 2007-06-18 17:26:34 by texel texel
a full featured search page for nontrivial queries
(otherwise gimme a readonly-timeconstained sql console)
added on the 2007-06-18 17:59:52 by rmeht rmeht
1. possibility to add producers to the respective productions, so i can search for "all demos statix was involved in" or "all intros with music by a-move" or alike. would rock imho :)
added on the 2001-05-23 by ryg

Nice. Maybe starting with a (gloperator?) feature like "add member to group" and then choosing for each prod->group(s) the involved members with a dropdown+ctrl list.

Not trivial but quite cool...
added on the 2007-06-18 18:12:53 by bdk bdk
It would be cool to have the ability to profit apache's mod_rewrite.

I mean instead of URI's like http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=29742

we could use something like : http://www.pouet.net/Youth+Uprising/Purple
added on the 2007-06-18 18:36:55 by decipher decipher
Decipher: it smells too much like web 2.0 :p

and Pouet isn't a fukcin web 2.0 site \o/
added on the 2007-06-18 20:33:52 by Zest Zest
added on the 2007-06-18 21:58:31 by magic magic
Beef up the userpages with music and custom html design. And allow to add friends!
added on the 2007-06-18 22:24:14 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
magic: you better get started then!
Emperor : Go get a myspace instead...
added on the 2007-06-18 23:05:47 by decipher decipher
Add link to myspace page on userpage
added on the 2007-06-18 23:24:52 by Stelthzje Stelthzje