let's talk about tinnitus

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Ignus: Most of the tinitus problems depends on stress, and if your ears are checked by a doctor and he said all looked fine then you absolutly should trust him. I think you got noice in your ear on the consert and then you cant stop thinking of it and stress yourself. That a common human reaction. Just try to relax and let it be, think that it dont matter and try to keep youyrself occupied during the daytime. Crosswords are a perfect thing that both relax your body and brain, and so actualy are joggling to. Then after some days ( perhaps weeks) im sure that you will find moments that you remeber that you have had silents in your head and it will be better and better. just dont panik! it will be ok! relax and dont care about it.

Please keep me/us informed when you have the energy for it.

best regards M:ET/Rebels
added on the 2010-11-07 12:06:46 by M:ET M:ET
I have it on the left ear for years now. High hissing noise, don't know the exact frequency.
I got it after being in a club where the music was insanely loud. I left when i couldn't bear it anymore, but it was too late i guess. Next days i heared this high hissing noise and first believed my monitor was damaged. So i took everything off from current and realized it wasn't anything of my equipment. It was pretty scary and i was close to freaking out for a moment.
Today i call myself lucky, because i hear it only half the time. I can distinguish between moments when its kicking in and when its gone and that helps me figuring out where to adjust my life.
If your ear is fine (the hairs in it are not bent or broken) its most likely a psychosomatic stress reaction and for that there is a lot you can do.
added on the 2010-11-07 14:02:14 by CONS CONS
Well, I have high-pitched sounds in my head now 24/7, thankfully I only hear them when I'm behind the computer, watching TV, or in bed. Good news is that I'm getting used to them and not freaking out anymore. I'm trying to chill and not think about it, seems to go pretty well now. Feeling fine :]
added on the 2010-11-14 16:19:12 by ignus ignus
btw, the positive experiences people describe in this thread are a great help
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