If you're a newbie in demo scene, how to start?

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what kusma said..

(except maybe the stuff about the plasma texture generators...)
Sorry, plasma texture generators suck. At least the basic ones. But plasmas are otherwise cool.
added on the 2003-10-17 17:37:33 by psonice psonice
then why is kusmas releases dependant on old crap engines?
added on the 2003-10-18 00:59:29 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
my releases? huh?
added on the 2003-10-18 01:27:42 by kusma kusma
Watch prods, watch prods, etc.. That's the only way to get into demoscene :) Oh, and releasing something it's important too
added on the 2003-10-18 04:53:16 by shash shash
the real key is to never despair because what you make is crap. just work and look forward. newbies can't enter groups without showing off their skills most of the time, and till you're making decent enough stuff to enter a group it might take some time (years?). that's the most difficult and boring part of the work. once you enter a group, you meet cool new people, have more fun at demoparties, ...

and for once, i fucking agree kusma.. ;-) to reach the top nowadays it's a must to code your own tools to make demos/64k intros. giving the graphist the ability to control the graphical content inside effects is one of the most important things too, it enables the coder to break limits while the graphist can still control the appearance of the effect. demopaja is really too limited to acheive this, even if it has good concepts.

hmm.. let's stop talking shit, enough like that =)
would be better to return to code.
added on the 2003-10-18 16:04:13 by nystep nystep
watch a load of demos, try to dive in the spirit on IRC and on dedicated websites, learn to respect the respectables, and do everything from scrap.

It's the way demo should be. DemoPaja is a helpful tool but never forget that the way you did your release is at least as important as the result because it's the only way to progress and break the limits.
(that SHOULD be the first purpose of demo, no?)

added on the 2003-10-18 18:46:15 by oxb oxb
Hmm, I was about to start a thread like this! IzeColt, you did all the work for me ;)

I'm visiting this page for 1 1/2 years now, but I never participated, because I wanted to do a demo on my own, before juding the work of other people. I recently began coding on this demo and I hope to finish it until the end of this or the beginning of next year.

My problem is, that I find it a bit hard to link the different effects in order to form something coherent that could be called a demo. So, do you have any tips on how to actually design a demo, apart from watching demos? (I already did that long enough, I guess.)

Next question: Where to contact a musician, who is willing to compose something for a newbie doing his first steps in demomaking?
added on the 2003-10-18 20:13:21 by Cohen Cohen
Roger, wilco. Thanks to you all, again :)
added on the 2003-10-21 07:20:36 by izecolt izecolt
cohen: having spent years trying to find someone who wanted to compose music - it becomes a LOT easier when you actually have something to show of what you do yourself. Same for finding folks who can draw or do 3d, or code. Just pick up something, start it, screw it up 8 or 50 times, and hone whatever it is you're doing. But above all - do something. Cuz waiting for someone else to come along... man that gets old.
You need to know the language of the scene

Lamer = Scener thats untalentet, slow, boring or lator.
1337 = Tis good...
Fuckface = debate term
Fucker = debate term
Asshole = debate term
Dickhead =debate term
Wanker = all sceners
Pussy =what sceners want but mostly dont have
Girls = something that makes a lot of noise
P.A = something that makes a lot of noise
Msxer = something that makes a lot of noise
Gfxer = Someone that draw stuff
Coder = geek
The shit! = good
Shit! = bad
ghey = sceners
Gay = sceners

I think you catch the drift... so what your typical conversation will look like in a debate forum with sceners are...
I 50 fcuking 1337, jah roxor n u r teh sux bcoz u u53 marching cubes 1st33d of fxed points...
and if you see a demo that is well nice, but has a "lame" soundtrack, be sure to dez the living fuck out of it...if you see a demo that is well nice both musically and codewise, you better dez it anyway, bcoz that is teh 1337 thing to do..

happy scening
added on the 2003-10-21 12:57:28 by NoahR NoahR