Hard Core of TDT

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Does anyone know how to contact Rob in this day and age?

added on the 2003-11-03 03:55:19 by RaD Man RaD Man
hopefully he died while code ripping
added on the 2003-11-03 11:21:42 by elkmoose elkmoose
added on the 2003-11-03 18:07:39 by RaD Man RaD Man
ask him about the lot of code he ripped from others peoples intros and demos... he is the scenes biggest lamer ever seen!
added on the 2003-11-05 10:49:01 by elkmoose elkmoose
I suppose if I knew where to find him, I'd ask him a few different things. :)
added on the 2003-11-06 21:05:52 by RaD Man RaD Man
Rob? Err... Robin? I think there are many Robins around... tip: search google, if you know some things about him already it helps.
added on the 2003-11-06 21:39:57 by uutee uutee
Robert. Oh well, I thought Pouet might be a good place to check. Better luck next time perhaps.

added on the 2003-11-12 20:12:33 by RaD Man RaD Man
radman: pouet is _never_ a good place to check. so now you know. ;)
added on the 2003-11-12 22:18:03 by psenough psenough
I'm reviving this thread.

The reason I started it was I wanted to talk to Hard Core about a diskmag ACiD is working on. That and I was trying to recover the old original issues of Lancelot PC diskmag from the early early 1990s. Well, I finally found those issues of Lancelot PC diskmag.

I guess no one knows how to reach him to tell him.
added on the 2005-01-29 21:18:32 by radman1 radman1
he is the scenes biggest lamer ever seen!

I always thought that was you, TMB.
added on the 2005-01-29 21:22:39 by superplek superplek
Btw RaD Man, ps is the mighty who can merge your accounts, if you want.
Yes I should do that, to combinez0r my glops, of course.

And I suppose I'll just give up on trying to find Hard Core. This wouldn't be an ordeal if he lived in USA or Canada, but I'm afraid I don't have the same inph0 connections out in Sveden.
added on the 2005-01-30 06:53:07 by radman1 radman1
radman: tried asking some swedes who were active back then?
added on the 2005-01-30 08:19:53 by psenough psenough
I have no idea where to begin. I wish I knew some people in the Swedish hax0r scene, because I have more than enough information to find him if he were a pan-american.
added on the 2005-02-01 10:23:09 by radman1 radman1
regarding swedish scene: "when in doubt, it's all pantaloon's fault", so naturally, just ask the active fairlight about it, they should know someone who knows someone who knew someone who should know what happened to hardcore/tdt..
added on the 2005-02-01 10:28:33 by psenough psenough
or actually.. i think posting about it on tk would be more usefull... since hard core seems to have been in trsi at some point....
added on the 2005-02-01 10:31:24 by psenough psenough
actually, the "it's pantaloon's fault" was born when i was drunk at deadline reloaded and had to blame someone ;)
added on the 2005-02-01 10:58:39 by bzz bzz
added on the 2014-05-16 00:32:47 by radman1 radman1
Almost 11 yrs later
Ha! It proves that sooner or later one will always found what is looking for =).
added on the 2014-05-16 16:25:53 by sim sim
Legendary Cracker, Coder, Hacker. 20 year anniversary 2014

well, what a MODEST guy, and he must be TOTALLY legendary since I never heard of this guy until today :D
added on the 2014-05-16 20:43:32 by rez rez
what is this "modesty" you speak of rez? ;-)
added on the 2014-05-16 21:20:45 by radman1 radman1
I hope his cracks and hacks were better than his crack intros...
added on the 2014-05-16 21:28:27 by Preacher Preacher
Those (NOP-NOP) crackers usually had a big mouth. But bortunately, there were some modest too, in the way you are talking here.
added on the 2014-05-17 09:55:57 by sim sim
NECROPOST! because someone had to say it. (Pony free comment)
added on the 2014-05-18 03:53:29 by _10b0 _10b0
Rob? Err... Robin? I think there are many Robins around... tip: search google, if you know some things about him already it helps.

I'm both (the longer ver. usually means I'm in trouble). So I'm here now. ;]
added on the 2014-05-18 07:31:22 by ringofyre ringofyre