LulzSec is killing the internet.

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yeah, hopefully better security will be one of the positive outcomes that comes from this.

As bad as stealing people's personal info from these companies and leaking it might be, like they said there are other groups doing this and *not* leaking it, which is a much worse situation. Quite a few times I've seen companies informing people that this has happened, sometimes a year or two later, after the police have traced a large number of credit card/identity/whatever fraud back to a customer database at that company. The 'open window' had presumably been left wide open long after the initial hack.

If instead somebody hacked it and publicly released the database, at least you'd have a chance of finding out and getting your accounts shut down fast rather than getting a letter from the bank saying you've spent all your money and taken out a lot of loans.

They could publish harmless excerpts from the database. It'd do a whole lot less harm, but get a lot less publicity so I guess it'd do less good too. Maybe they should publicly offer it for sale, get the attention without actually releasing it?
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they are focusing on project antisec now, which is about exposing government and corporate corruption, no longer about pushing millions of random users password into the wild for the lulz. :)
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lulzsec + anonymous join forces to hack governments
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like the governments are not begging for it ;)
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pera wins the thread.

because dubstep kills music.

*jk* Mostly.


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So, the first lulzsec member was arrested... or was he? http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/07/28/topiary_arrest_rumor/

I'd say that's as likely to be more disinformation as it is to be the truth, but who knows? More twists in an epic tale :)
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lulzsec + anonymous join forces to hack governments

Read as : dumb and not-quite-as-dumb decide to break some serious anti-trust laws and then spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders or getting bum-raped @ Guantanamo Bay.
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From what I've seen of these groups, there's a lot of conspiracy theorists. Which makes them:

1. Pretty brave to be doing this kind of stuff for what they believe in
2. Usually wrong
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As for me, i think Ponies are killing the internet...
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Just 1 proxy?! Doh! I'm not sure whether that counts as "all eggs in one basket" or "balls in a bear trap".

Anyone know how many of them are arrested now?
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Couldn't happen to a nicer guy really.
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ps: unlike "beautiful", "collaborate" is spelled with 2 L's :)
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hahaha, Kimble just got boned :D
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Why Megaupload in particular? There are tons of similar sites hosting the same.
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knowing Kimble, probably because that was only the tip of the iceberg.
added on the 2012-01-20 01:50:53 by Gargaj Gargaj
one word: busted.

to those who are concerned about the megaupload bust and the link to the actual SOPA/PIPA discussion:

This bust has nothing to do with the ongoing discussion, actually it only proves that actual existing laws are enough to shut down illegal online activities.

To the guy who glorify Kim Schmitz aka Kimble / Kim Dotcom / Schwabbel:

Kim sold Blueboxfrequencies and Calling Cards in the nineties, teamed up with Lawyer Günther Freiherr von Gravenreuth (RIP) and then sold half of the Phreaking/BBS Scene to the german justice and ripped of sceners aswell by not paying them for work they did for him.

All Kimble Fanboys:
He´d sell your souls if he gets a good margin for it.

Basicly he is just a rat...and now hopefully he gets what he deserves.
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