MindCandy 3 Needs French Volunteers

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MindCandy Volume 3 is finished except for French subtitles. We had an amazing volunteer but he ran into some work and family issues and can't complete the translation. Are there any English/French bilingual sceners who can help us?

There's about 2.5 hours left to translate. If you volunteer, you would get a completed English subtitle file to reference, a section of the audio to translate, and what french subtitles have been translated so far. All load into Subtitle Workshop so you can use the side-by-side translation mode (or, hell, if you want to just use the english one and VI/EMACS that's fine too, we don't care how you want to work).

We're looking for up to 3 people who could commit a few hours a night to get their translated section to us by the end of the week. Any volunteer who works on MindCandy 3 will of course get a free copy when it comes out this summer.

Please email trixter@oldskool.org if you'd like to help out.
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I can spend a couple of hours on it :).
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welcöme in ze mindcandy zree
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