Random "work in progress" shots

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sensenstahl: Hehe, that 2d SW twister is alive and kickin'. I think I ported that one to at least 2 other projects/code bases, so there's a chance to see that one eventually. ;)
added on the 2014-09-10 21:17:19 by tomaes tomaes
not really a WIP, just a "smocky test" ^^
added on the 2014-09-10 23:38:50 by ntsc_ ntsc_
ntsc_: what equation do you use in your smoke effect ?
added on the 2014-09-11 06:41:56 by Barti Barti
ntsc_: can you make a short article about the "smocky test" :)?
added on the 2014-09-11 07:18:36 by panic panic
That's some impressive smock. Don't know why, but I love the stuff swirling around the bottom.

How much would you have to downsize the grid to get it to run on an ATI 4850?
added on the 2014-09-11 08:24:57 by bloodnok bloodnok
Barti : i'm not the coder^^ it's in our demotool coded by Guille.

bloodnok : not tested :)for memory in our revision demo i used a 128 grid.
added on the 2014-09-11 10:40:57 by ntsc_ ntsc_
smoke parameters in the tool (not the scene in the video...)
I made the scene in 3DSmax. add dummy colled "smokeEmitter01, 02 etc). i animante trajectory in max too (possible in the tool but boring...). i can link the emitter to mesh or other emitter...export to the tool.
in the tool add a smoke box in the scene. add lights...plays with smokebox and emitter param. (each emitter has its own parameters) and voila^^ i can animate each parameter with keys (or noise,sound react )

BB Image
added on the 2014-09-11 10:53:34 by ntsc_ ntsc_
ntsc_: nice stuff, can't wait to see that killer effect in a demo. the editor seems pretty obvious too. btw, do you use your tool somewhere outside the scene (let's say did some tv ads or animatins with it)?
added on the 2014-09-11 11:16:33 by pista pista
pista : the tool is 100% for demos^^ there is a little making of i've made in the last hugi :)
added on the 2014-09-11 11:23:06 by ntsc_ ntsc_
I always like seeing effects, and sometimes I will have a go at making one.

But I am in awe of demotools.
added on the 2014-09-11 22:30:50 by bloodnok bloodnok
BB Image

Works fine, the problem come from the electronic or the mechanic...
added on the 2014-09-15 11:15:11 by Orace Orace
@Orace: Looks neat, but... What is it exactly and for what platform?

@ntsc_: Damn those smoke FX are damn good!

@Tomaes: Aww... shame you didn't finish it. That design is just way cool!

@Baudsurfer: Thanks! Tho not really working on a demo yet, just making some effects for the moment to use later on and to practice.

@Spite: WebGL? Looks more like Unreal Engine 3 to me with this cool lighting tech you got going here!

@Marq: Well, I guess this machine's so obscure that to do anything on it you have to reverse-engineer it with multimeters and other such equipment. :P Good luck on it, tho! It's interesting to see demos made for obscure platforms.
added on the 2014-09-15 17:48:05 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
If I had a demotool like Cocoon, I would never get to making a demo. :)
added on the 2014-09-15 17:52:07 by gloom gloom
ntsc_ +1 for profont :D
added on the 2014-09-16 01:52:08 by ferris ferris
BB Image
added on the 2014-09-16 11:53:50 by visy visy
@visy: Majestic Twelve without the post processing FX?
added on the 2014-09-16 12:51:37 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
aegis with new flesh it seems :D
added on the 2014-09-16 13:16:25 by leGend leGend
visy: btw rotor had to say this about new flesh:
"Highway to hell, where people drink beer and koskenkorva and fight with their knives and live in the 2014 edition of the milky way galaxy. It is the new flesh."
added on the 2014-09-16 13:18:26 by leGend leGend
@TomoAlien: I'm working for an AFM manufacturer.

Platform is Win7/C#3.5 + embedded dsp TMS320 (w/o fpu).
Recently make some polynomial evaluation on the dsp and have to prove it correct.

To prove my boss that X tip position (polynomial) is the same at each line, I was scanning:
Code:background noise + ((X tip position) % 0x1000 < 0x500) ? -1:+1
added on the 2014-09-16 16:19:41 by Orace Orace
BB Image
added on the 2014-09-17 14:02:55 by las las
garbage in, garbage out ;)
added on the 2014-09-17 15:24:21 by spike spike
I disagree. :)
added on the 2014-09-17 16:29:55 by las las
We live in times when even integrals get censored.
added on the 2014-09-17 17:51:48 by kbi kbi
We live in times when even integrals get censored.

Pretty sure it's a mathematical equation for some fantastic 4k that's being worked on, which is why it's censored.
added on the 2014-09-20 10:32:41 by TomoAlien TomoAlien
wild/interactive compo, las declaiming "a poem to an integral"!
added on the 2014-09-20 13:08:49 by Igoronimo Igoronimo