How about adding an "Animation" Genre here?

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hi sceners,

thanks for opening this thread.

my name is cosmic and i am the creator of "the lacquerer" released at revision 2011

it was a one man production and - trust me - really hard work to do.

me and my work are part of the demoscene and the production was - as said - created for and released within the demoscene at a demoparty

i´m not new to the scene. i got my first amiga at the age of 13 and i´m still deeply fascinated and involved in the scene for years now. i love the scene, the spirit, finally "normal" people and i´m proud to be a part of this all.

this year at revision - to be honest - i was really pissed when i heard that there will be no scene.org award animation category no more.

i talked to blueberry, netpoet, truck and gargaj

they were very friendly and they told me that they don´t understand why there is no animation category anymore.

i was told that the realtime aspect is a big part of the scene and there were huge discussions about having a anim category or not. however.
scene.org dropped animation category from the awards.

also smash of fairlight, hellfire of haujobb, "esau schulze fleischmann" and the guys of still got in contact with me and asked me if i want to do something like the lacquerer in realtime.

i really appreciate this. and i really feel honoured. but that´s another story.

i understand that there are a lot of short films and animations etc. outside the scene and some "multimedia hipsters of these times"
might "use" the scene to release their productions but not pure for the scene but as a byproduct or something.

the lacquerer was entirely made for revision and the scene.

and me and lots of other people think it was a blast - ok but that is just a matter of taste


if it comes to a animation category added to pouet or scene.org award or whatever

guys - and this is my opinion
even if its realtime or rendered or filmed - if it is a good production - i think its worth to get the chance to be seen.

the techniques / principles of animation - the knowledge you need to create something like that - in realtime or rendered - are the same.

please don´t get me wrong

i have the deepest respect of the coders and groups doing the greatest stuff in realtime.

but doing quality stuff prerendered like hbc, jco, gaspode etc. including my stuff is not less valuable than doing stuff in realtime.

so show some more respect please - or you´ll end up without good gfx artists and welcome back to coder colors ;)

have a nice day

cosmic ollie

ollie: i'm pretty sure you'll find the majority of the scene loves a good animation prod. This whole thread is about putting animation in a new category so we can find animations easier :) Of course there will be a few who think the scene can be realtime-only, or amiga-only, or whatever-only.
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Anyway, it sounds like the "wild" icon is going to be recycled/repurposed...
So to avoid confusion, here are some attempts at replacing it:
BB Image
it doesn't hurt someone... it's just a start in a new category for the demoscene and i really start to think about releasing wild entrys too because i do not code c / c++ etc and i don't have the time to learn it... i do already music composings, graphics and animation stuff...

it would be a pleassure to see the wild genre splittet into better ones to give the new small groups with such releases a better chance to imagine.
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BB Image

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pulkomandy: we need that first virus-like icon adding to anything compressed with kkrunchy :D

I'd guess a film-roll might be possible in 16px for film/animation (unless they get separated, in which case somebody has hopefully solved the question of what happens to prods with both..).

Maybe a chip for actual wild demos? That would fit LFT's stuff, and I guess it covers pretty much anything.

But why are we deciding on icons when nobody's agreed to actually split the categories yet? ;)
added on the 2012-08-15 23:45:57 by psonice psonice
Also, who will do all the splitting work and sort prods into the appropriate categories?
Saga ... I think that the animations aren't that much to sort out. I can help :P
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i didn't have a look but from what i remember i'd rather say that the number of hardware hacks in the wild category is far lower than the number of animations, but still considerably high. and it doesn't matter anyway: you have to go through all prods of the category and decided whether they belong to new category 1 or 2. even if it's just 100 out of 100000.
Open pouet and we can all help! :o)

Isn't there an option to run through the database and check for videofiles in the download-path?

By the way: If all of these demos are in the category »type:wild/plattform:wild« there are only about 1625 to check.
added on the 2012-08-16 10:47:44 by gaspode gaspode
i'm still not hearing what the actual workable solution is.
added on the 2012-08-16 11:10:28 by Gargaj Gargaj
just split it up is the actual worable solution.
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Film/Short Film for all the Productions made with a camera and postproduction stuff


Animation for all the Productions done with 3D prerendered Stuff, After Effects Stuff, Stop Motion etc... :)
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And then 2 icons again, for mixed media stuff? Bleh, I kinda loathe the prod page icons overkill as it is.
added on the 2012-08-16 12:17:39 by tomaes tomaes

But why are we deciding on icons when nobody's agreed to actually split the categories yet? ;)

I can't help on making everyone agree, but I can draw icons, and have fun doing it !

(feel free to reuse them for whatever else, btw).