2 tools needed for math.

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I need two tools. One to get expressions for self authored audio samples. The second to calculate line equations in regards to splines. Any ideas?

What I tried:

I looked into Goldwave and can input an expression to create audio but can't get an expression from any soft synth as I create the sample.

I use 3ds max for modelling and can use bezier splines.However this is entirely viusal and doesn't give me the curve values.

Please help if you can.
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added on the 2004-01-31 16:02:11 by elkmoose elkmoose
Using splines to generated audio samples is not always a good idea.

Apart from that I believe you are looking for an explanation of the maths behind splines. There should by sufficient information on the web. Otherwhise try to find a book on numerical calculation or data processing, many computer graphics books may also cover this topic.
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patrick groove:
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I have a slide rule. That might help.
Splines math: http://www.ibiblio.org/e-notes/Splines/Intro.htm

The only standard way to get an expression for sound that I know of is Fourier analysis.

Why is an art guy asking coder questions, anyhow? Let the coders do their thing, and you do your thing. Everybody will be happier that way. ;)
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Expressions can be written down for later use in an audio editor. Also it would be inetresting to see if spline equations can be reproduced in other environments. Sorry if I confused anyone but that was two seperate questions for two seperate problems.

Thanks to the people that tried to anwer my questions. I'll give you a yell online about what I'm trying to do S_tec.

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You got a problem, tmb? Huh? Patrick Groove asked a valid question, even if it was a bit misguided. Your negative attitude isn't making things any better.
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If that makes you sick then you're going to get a lot sicker because I'll be opening a thread everytime I want to, valid or not. And I certainly don't mean that as a threat.
Would you rather he spammed the prod pages with his questions, tmb?
As far as I know this thread isn't useless to him, and therefore this is the perfect place to post it. Well, other than asking someone he knows via email.
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