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ok, after reading the BIG one post by metoikos, then reading what i wrote...
...to metoikos: ofcourse women still have to fight nowadays, eventho it started to change in the 60s already and changed a lot until today. SUCKS, needs to get changed immediately/asap==now. In Germany women still get less money for the same job (compared to men)...in 2013! WTF? FU!
But why i post again here (altho i asked for next scenedrama already, before realizing how hardcore this thread went by now) is that i think the scene is one of the few exceptions of this shit happening to all the women worldwide. (except the tradition, as wysiwtf tried to point out already, of drawing Females with Dragons...but thats Boris Vallejos fault, really! ;) )

I think every scener is on par with every other scener. Be it trolls (like me), coders, musicians, lamers, ex-swappers, graphicians, musicians, partymakers, whatever...i think everyone tolerates everyone in the scene. and tolerating is just the only verb i found in my trollhead right now. (see, i never edit my posts...only check for typos) ...really gotta add more vocabularys to my flakes at my morning-meals ;)

Farfar apologized already, logo is freed for deletion, and so best is to bury this thread now. believe me! We all could/should talk a bit more about this problem when we actually meet us all in person again, but here on pouet this wont lead anywhere anyway. ;)
Here's the requested penis logo even though it's sure to offend the pc- (and I don't mean IBM & compatible) pussy lickers and cock suckers whom are apparently (lol) some kind of scener candidates moreso than juvenile nerds (the traditional heart and soul of the scene) nowadays. You sure it wasn't all this pretentious "art" bs that didn't kill the scene?

BB Image
its still trying to kill the scene, but wont succeed. fucking art...its almost the same as beauty...almost the same as women! ;)
comeon, try to take this statement serious, haha!

ps: i never got disturbed by penises in demo-art and i am a straight man. ;)
while Sir Peter Paul Rubens disturbed me a lot, almost making me not so straight, wtflolunrailthreadsomeonepleasealready!
(somehow had to add it to strengthen the point of Art=Free though! ;) )
I think every scener is on par with every other scener. Be it trolls (like me), coders, musicians, lamers, ex-swappers, graphicians, musicians, partymakers, whatever...i think everyone tolerates everyone in the scene.

Oh, I'm so glad you tolerate me. Thank you. :)
added on the 2013-05-17 12:19:50 by Adok Adok
BB Image
added on the 2013-05-17 12:28:31 by ilmarque ilmarque
Here's the sad thing: you can't vote that logo down. I tried. I got it 4 times in the header while trying to vote, but not once did it show up on the voting page show I could hit the "sucks" button. So we're stuck with this logo more than a few people object to? :-/

You can only vote for 5 logos at a time; you gotta chew through the other ones first.
added on the 2013-05-17 12:34:19 by Gargaj Gargaj
yup, i changed my Brain: "kill=unsubscribeChannel" the last few years ;) dunno how you slipped thru, but i still hate fascists :p No worries tho, i´d even talk to you, if i havent already ;) In real life that is, as i am talking to you here right now apparently. Trying to change another sceners thinkings/brain wont work anyway, as said, its all anarchistic, which even includes thinking like ppl back in 1939-1945 in Germany, if in NSDAP. Thats your own fault if you still believe in them old lies propagated by someone having powers of 100 of normal madness. you could start by forgetting about every single word an austrian politician said in the last century...maybe this way you can start evolving own ways of thinking :p
so much about derailing! wasn´t me, adok popped in and started it ;) :P
added on the 2013-05-17 12:48:34 by Preacher Preacher
Oh, and on the topic, fuck shitheaded juvenile nerds. This particular thing here is only one way in which this site sucks and is not welcoming or inclusive. I find it really sad that the only real site for the scene, which is in the end about creating art and friendship, attracts trolls, bullies and assholes with zero interest in producing anything except commotion and unhappiness. It's a real shame.
added on the 2013-05-17 12:53:38 by Preacher Preacher
Preacher: nevermind, its an old war i buried in 2008 ;) when he went out of arguments ;)
preacher: about welcoming...i downloaded my demostuff from scene.org for the first 2 years (i had been back on computers), got redirected to that french site (i back then didnt realize was mostly english) a lot to get proper download-links...only after 2 years i realized that pouet.net is THE SCENE-SITE ;) I didnt even have to ask old refound scenefriends how they found out about pouet (after having finally refound em here at pouet), as they asked me how long i needed to realize that themselves ;)
So the first thing needing a change would be to rename our beloved pouet! who the fuck would like to do so? ;)
The Scene ain´t dying, people really interested in it will eventually find the portal (pouet) but it´s a hard Quest! ( i am a scener since i am 5, as i watched my first demos back then and said i´d like to do that myself instead of doing stuff with basic...took me until i got 11 to make sth nice in assembler (on Amiga then tho) but i got there! But finding the number one internet-space for demosceners took me 2 years! )
I've always thought of the euro crowd as insular and xenophobic, and with this, you've thrown sexist on top. Well done. Kill it off. Drive them all away. Then you can go back to trading porn screensavers in peace.

To be honest, I expected this thread to escalate, but this wasn't one of the angles I predicted.

So hm.

First, let's skip the "I'm So Glad You're Shit Without Me" attitude. It's a recurring syndrome and it never really helps. Assuming the scene is about doing things (and creative / contributive things), you're not exactly helping the situation either. In other words, now you're part of the problem.

Second, are you sure Blackpawn's Sketchclub thingy is a good comparison, given that it's an iOS app and as such, is quite probably heavily moderated? As in, people probably draw genitalia, it's just that it doesn't show up? And yeah, he did take "the best ideas" from Pouet (i.e. the icons), but I have a feeling this fact is doing the exact opposite to your argument than what you thought it would. That said, I'd love to hear his side as far as the whole "fuck the scene" thing goes.

Thirdly, really? We have to pull the EU-vs-US scene card? After years of being dicks to each other, I'd say over the last ~5 years we've finally reached the point where there's little-to-no discord between the two "camps", the US has great (and numerous) parties now, people make their best effort to fly over, and an American scener has just become "one of those things" instead of a curiosity, so what exactly are you even trying to even say here?
added on the 2013-05-17 13:04:07 by Gargaj Gargaj
only took me 2 seconds to decide to get the biggest troll on pouet from there ;)
Just for the record here. I always browse pouet with logos turned off, so I missed one important thing:
i was kinda embarrassed sitting in the crowded undergroud next to an elderly woman, checking pouet when this logo came up..

Yesterday some colleagues wanted me to show them some demos and I visited pouet to download stuff. I worried a little about that logo popping

I absolutely agree with those points and personally have nothing against removing/hiding the logo in question. (never had actually)

And while we're at this, can we stop with "and here are mandatory boobs!" attitude in demos? Maybe it was funny back then, but right now it always makes me cringe. It's worse than putting Amiga balls inside the PC demos.
added on the 2013-05-17 13:10:55 by Tomoya Tomoya
ok, commando derailing failed, immediatley sign back in at the base to get new orders!
This one is going to leave a big Impact on the Planets-Sceneface!
next demo i do has tits with negative normals...just wonder how dudeWithRod looks with negative normals ;) --> UNNORMAL :D
Smash: I disagree with you. But I guess that is obvious.

Stopped reading after there was a second page of posts.

Everyone else: Please, do not turn this into Another Thread that Never Dies.

Admins, PLEASE if you can tag this as residue. As I noted, this argument is a boring old one not worth having. The people who think it is not a problem will never be convinced. *shrug*
My response will be to ignore them, and those like them. No, that never changed the world, but that are parts of the world more worth changing.
ok, breasts with negative normals look so damn unnormal, i just went into the different direction again, now dude´s got BIG BALLS ´swell ! ;) [/maali]
oh yes, and the multiple people who decided to pull the "EU-vs-US scene card" can go eat cereal.

That is irrelevant.

and incorrect, hit clicky too fast. Gah.

Gargaj said what I have to say on that subject.
(still we all have to talk a lot, esp. bout USA vs. EU :p theres nothing that makes a difference between us all :p )
ok, deleteThat my last troll-post ;)
As Gargaj said already, theres no EU vs. USA anymore! there never was, scene started with the USA providing the first fast "mailboxes" aka BBS.
first i was a bit worried because hardys post up there made a lot of sense and i agreed.
im relieved its all back to normal now ;>
added on the 2013-05-17 13:50:11 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
so, i scrolled up to get back to the pouet-logo (which is a shortcut to the index-frontpage;on every website) and almost clicked that logo posted by ilmarque ;) HAHAHAHA!
maybe i should recode my scrolling()-routine <- LAMER!