Which football team do you support?

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Mata is not going anywhere. It's just a rumor circulating.
We want Lukaku to play a little bit in
Everton, it's a good practice for him then Chelsea will get him back next season
when he's at his best.

Jose is building new team. He knows what he's doing. He may sign Michu from Swansea and get rid of Eto'o, he's useless. Torres have to
improve this season but I don't want him turn into Suarez. He scratched Tottanham player 2 weeks ago and got red card.
For some reason he plays very well in Cups & Champion legue but can't do shit in premiership.

BTW, Moses is done but how do you like Oscar this season ? :]
added on the 2013-10-09 20:29:21 by Forcer Forcer
he's ok but he's no coutinho :P
forcer, don't you support some polish squad? or are they like really shitty and unknown and so you try to hide it or smth?
added on the 2013-10-09 22:20:27 by havoc havoc
havoc, nothing to hide so you can relax pal and yeah, they are quite shitty competing them to teams from English Premiership.
But there are some really excellent players from PL playing in different clubs - Szczesny and Fabianski in Arsenal; Lewandowski, Blaszczykowski and Piszczek in Borussia Dortmund.

mantratronic, Oscar is excellent, he will be better than Mata but he still needs some time
to improve. Jose will make him a superstar.
I think Chelsea has strongest midfielders in entire Premiership - Oscar, Hazard, Mata, Lampard but no striker who would score.
added on the 2013-10-10 00:08:26 by Forcer Forcer
I think Hazard is brilliant, even if he likes kicking the ballboys ;) but i'm not sure you can beat Gerrard for strong midfielders..
mantratronic, hope you noticed this little change in the Premier League Standings :]

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mantratronic, are you still there buddy or you don't want to talk to me after what happened to Liverpool at Stamford Bridge? ;)
added on the 2014-01-04 22:01:46 by Forcer Forcer
"lost in translation"

throw a FOOTBALL at me. i'd say... i dunno. i've seen so many random games. seahawks doing good.

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only too bad they play for Ajax :P
added on the 2014-01-05 13:42:45 by havamal havamal
forcer: yeh yeh, you still have to visit us. best you played all season? best containment i've seen of suarez, but real shame sturridge wasnt playing.

btw, nice gfx at tum!
what is this foot and ball y'all talking about
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Chelsea Ladies:
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they should definitely sign Alex Morgan,

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added on the 2014-01-06 02:37:07 by Forcer Forcer
Thanks mate! At one point, probably at the end of the season when Chelsea wins Premiership and FA Cup, I want to make Chelsea FC cractro with all info about 2013/2014 season with all Chelsea transfers, wins, key players, some quotes from Mourinho ("Please don’t call me arrogant, but I’m European champion and I think I’m a special one.") and other stuff.
Yeah, they will meet again in Liverpool but to be honest I'm not impressed with Liverpool in the last few matches. They may get to the Champions League next year which will be a big success but Premiership title is out of question :]
added on the 2014-01-06 02:56:45 by Forcer Forcer
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Oh wait. That other football. Nevermind!

lost. but good game.
added on the 2014-01-06 03:08:50 by yumeji yumeji
that's a handball not a football :) but you are right they lost, they couldn't cope with the cold
added on the 2014-01-06 04:59:05 by Forcer Forcer
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added on the 2014-01-06 06:40:47 by panic panic
you mean handegg, not handball. if its shaped like an egg, why call it a ball? :)

forcer: speaking of eggs, try waiting till you win to make plans :P Also, mourinho was right to say we had an advantage not playing in europe this year, lets see how your squad does when the champions league is taking all of mourinho's attention ;)

A football demo/cracktro would be fun though, lemme know if you need music. (i promise it wont ALL be "you'll never walk alone")
What?? You think it's advantage not playing in Europe? You need to play against big clubs to improve your game, it's a fact. Mourinho was probably just goofing around.

Nah, Mourinho is focusing on Premiership as well but not as much on FA Cup. To be honest, I think it will be between Chelsea and Man City. We need to get rid of Mata and Ba and buy another striker and possibly a new midfielder. Also, we want Moses and Lukaku back :]
I'll keep you in mind when it comes to the music for Football-Chelsea-cractro. Maybe we could recreate that famous incident between Suarez and Ivanowich. I'm actually waiting for him to do something stupid this season - that would be lots of fun!
added on the 2014-01-08 07:38:41 by Forcer Forcer
clubs like Chelski with their $$$$ sugar daddies ruin the sport.
added on the 2014-01-08 12:48:50 by havamal havamal
no way, football is totally about how big your wallet is ;)

forcer: he's a totally reformed character ;) Moses hasnt worked out, you can have him back. We'll take mata if you want too!! now i am picturing a nyancat style animation where suarez chases ivanowich across the screen going "Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom"
It's a business. You need to play in Champions League to make money and have good accountants who won't rob you in the process.

Maali: you wish your Ajax was as good as Chelsea.
mantratronic: Liverpool don't want Moses anymore? I thought he scored a couple of goals for the club. Mata is going probably to Napoli or PSG.

Yeah I could draw Suarez with shark like jaws chasing Ivanovic with scroll text behind them.
added on the 2014-01-08 18:40:18 by Forcer Forcer
He did at the beginning of the season, but he hasnt done much useful for 2 months. Against Oldham last weekend he was rubbish.
It happens with players, they play excellent couple of games then they can't score at all, wasting all the chances. Look at Torres, he was excellent in Liverpool but he's rubbish
in Chelsea. It's always midfielders that score.
The only players that are solid for many of years are Lampard, Terry and Cole.
Lampard is still scoring at the age of 35. I hope we won't transfer to
LA Galaxy anytime soon. He's a legend. Top scorer in the history of the club with 209 goals.
added on the 2014-01-08 21:10:39 by Forcer Forcer
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