Atari VCS coding workshop in Hanover, Germany Nov.,2nd

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On the November 2nd, there will be a workshop about writing your first own Atari 2600 VCS demo in Hanover, Germany as a part of the Hackover 2013 (http://2013.hackover.de/).

What you need to bring in your own development notebook/pc. Precompiled development tools (assembler, graphicsconverter, emulator, etc.) will be provided for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, the sourcecode for the rest of the world (like *BSD).

Knowledge about programming in general is needed, as the 2600 is probably not the best platform to learn coding on. If you've coded in C or any assembler you should be able get things done.

The timeframe for the workshop is three hours, but I will be available the rest of the weekend for supporting your efforts on completing your very first VCS demo.

Have fun,
added on the 2013-09-26 18:57:03 by SvOlli SvOlli
Can't be there, but that sounds like a really cool initiative.
added on the 2013-09-26 19:29:26 by Preacher Preacher
i'll be there :)
added on the 2013-09-28 21:44:02 by aam aam
thanks for making that happen
added on the 2013-09-28 22:59:59 by gorgh gorgh
Sounds so cool!

Would be awesome to see workshops like this at demo parties.
added on the 2013-09-29 00:01:03 by p01 p01
what po1 said :)
added on the 2013-09-29 00:10:36 by spiny spiny
what preacher, gorgh & p01 said!!

as most of us can't be there, it would be great if you could make that a presentation, as well as (mentioned) dev packages, available to the public after the workshop.
added on the 2013-09-29 09:46:12 by bonefish bonefish
That would be great. I'm always happy to show the ropes of NES and 2600 programming as well at any party provided that a compoentry is not being worked on.

SvOlli: as discussed on IRC a really nice idea, hope there'll be a good participation!
added on the 2013-09-29 10:26:07 by visy visy
bonefish: I was at an open meeting of the CCC, who organize the hackover. There will be a video recording, which will be edited afterwards, so most probably there will be footage with me giving the talk parts. _All_ material used will be published, like the ones from my previous talks at http://svolli.de/atari2600/ .

p01 & spiny: I think, once I've prepared all the material, it should be rather easy to improvise a workshop. After the hackover, I know more. If everything works out as planned, I sure can offer to redo the workshop at other occasions.

The rough planning for next year is me attending at least revision, nordlicht & evoke. So even if I'm not doing anything official there (I'm focused on hackover now, no further planning yet), I'm happy to share my knowledge and give some private lessons. If you bring in the knowledge of 6502 assembler, I'll get you to your own simple one-screener, if you can stop drinking for about half a day. ;-)
added on the 2013-09-30 23:28:49 by SvOlli SvOlli
Sounds fantastic. Looking forward to the materials and Evoke :) The slide download links on your homepage don't work, btw.
added on the 2013-09-30 23:40:52 by Preacher Preacher
Thanks for the hint. The pdfs are inside zips. Links are fixed now.
added on the 2013-10-01 00:26:56 by SvOlli SvOlli
@SvOlli, thanks for the link, will definitely take a look.

btw, you may also want to fix the youtube link to your revision 2013 seminar , as it currently opens the lft's seminar instead of yours.
added on the 2013-10-02 23:12:22 by bonefish bonefish