Looking to purchase ZX Evo(lution)

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as subject says...
does anyone knows a easy way how to purchase, or, is there some good soul (from russia) that is willing to help me to get it? (e.g. act as a proxy?) new or used, doesn't matter, as long as it works.

or at least to introduce me a contact at nedopc that is easy to deal with.

actually, any type of help is more than welcome.

(I wouldn't normally bother people with this, but, without going into too much details, let's just say that i had a extremely bad experience with an attempt to get speccy2010 - from zxkit.ru).
added on the 2013-10-16 21:15:23 by bonefish bonefish
fuck eva, buy pentagon!
added on the 2013-10-16 22:42:46 by organism organism
i though that zx evo is a new pentagon. ;)

also, i don't need it for a photo opportunity, i need it (to try) to make a prod on it. :))
added on the 2013-10-16 22:54:16 by bonefish bonefish
体 recommends:
Pick a lot of old soviet-made clones from those balalayka-mode stupid russians (samovar edition), and make Eva yourself (Tsar-bomb is not included, Bear guarantee that).
added on the 2013-10-16 22:54:19 by organism organism
...do not forget to switch off The Reactor in The Basement before cleaning your AK47!
added on the 2013-10-16 22:56:35 by organism organism
Seriously, Eva isnt' new Pentagon (
added on the 2013-10-16 23:00:54 by organism organism
i though that zx evo is a new pentagon. ;)

also, i don't need it for a photo opportunity, i need it (to try) to make a prod on it. :))
Sorry for stupid humor (e g balalayka etc), official distributors of Eva will contact you soon!

(i am NOT a distributor!)

p s kalashnikov-samovar-valenky-matrioshka-kgb
added on the 2013-10-16 23:09:44 by organism organism
as I said, I need it for a democoding, not as a collectors item. (wouldn't mind getting myself a pentagon also, but it's a different story)
also, noticed that you're saying evA, while it's evo, or evolution.

so, just to be clear, i'm looking for this one:
"zx evolution" from "nedopc".
added on the 2013-10-16 23:11:39 by bonefish bonefish
Sorry for stupid humor (e g balalayka etc), official distributors of Eva will contact you soon!

(i am NOT a distributor!)

p s kalashnikov-samovar-valenky-matrioshka-kgb

great, thanks!!!!
added on the 2013-10-16 23:12:41 by bonefish bonefish

E'mails to the producers are:

The site: http://nedopc.com/

Their sub-site about ZX Evolution: http://nedopc.com/zxevo/zxevo_eng.php

The money stuff can be easily done by WesternUnion.

Eva is very different to Speccy2010. Has some disadvantages (like always and always new firmware with bugs being faster produced than liquidated ;) ) but I use the machine for years, I love it and it is my main ZX Spectrum model since I bought it.

I would recommend TurboSoundFM and NeoGeneralSound while You're buying from NEDO. The cost will not be much higher - and You will have entire complete at once, for most of modern ZX demos, visible on the Pouet.

Thumbs up for Evo, has run pretty much all the Russian demos I've tested so far.
added on the 2013-10-17 07:17:22 by Marq Marq
...if and anything doesn't work, then for99,99% it will work from FDD.

Although - unlike the Sprinter - Eva requires some older PC's FDD drives (surprisingly I had one, still working).
Mail to Viktor Chunin. He should give you all necessary information what you have to do. At least it worked in this way for me :)
@Yerzmyey, thanks for the info and recommendation. still not sure about the sound cards.

btw, I saw english page dozen times, but somehow hopped that I'll be able to get away without overpriced WesternUnion and hustle with a manufacturer directly (that are usually quite bad at english). Also, as you know, Western Union don't offer any customer protection (at least in my country), so only way if things go wrong is to try to convince the seller to send you the item as "a sign of a good will". (which is quite an irony, since you've paid for it fair and square)

well, I'll try the "traditional" way anyway, and only hope that it will go better than with speccy2010 and zxkit.

it's probably still better option than to try to build it myself. component prices are sky-high when purchasing in small or single amounts (e.g FPGA alone would cost me 60-70% of the costs they're mentioning on their site). also, not having a working one would make things very hard to debug when problem occurs.
added on the 2013-10-17 11:58:08 by bonefish bonefish
No problem dude.
just drop me a line if You have any trouble with it, or later with the machine -
yerzmyey AT interia DOT pl
Also Factor will surely help.

PS: As there are no demos for TruboSound (or almost), still - there are numerous demos for GS.
I've informed CHRV (he is Roman, not Viktor :))
You don't really need FDD to work on ZX Evo. For example, I don't have one.

There are some demos for ZX Evo extra gfx (modes derived from Pentagon 1024 and ATM Turbo 2):

ATM Turbo 2 specific "Catdemo" and "User Support" don't work on ZX Evo though. This may be fixed in future.
@all, thanks a lot for a help and recommendations.

@alone_coder, should I write directly to him then?
i have his email (c****@ma**.ru)
...or is he the one behind the official nedopc address, so better to use that one?
added on the 2013-10-17 17:07:03 by bonefish bonefish
Yes, his e-mail looks just as you said. You can write him directly.
great, thanks!
added on the 2013-10-17 17:23:33 by bonefish bonefish
status update: still no response from Roman.

i'm sorry to conclude this, but it seems that this is going to be the same experience as (not) getting myself the speccy2010.

so long, zx evo (and thanks for all the fish). BB Image
added on the 2013-10-22 18:22:33 by bonefish bonefish
Author of ReVerSE is planning to add ATM Turbo 2/3 (ZX Evo) support in his machine.

By now, almost every Pentagon 1024 demo/game/tool is patched for ATM Turbo 2. That's the standard.

More demos for ATM Turbo 2:

Don't give up yet! :) Lotharek is very reliable and is planning to introduce a Speccy2010 version soon: http://www.lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=84
added on the 2013-10-23 08:19:02 by Marq Marq
And btw, a friend received his Evo a few weeks ago, so it shouldn't be impossible.
added on the 2013-10-23 08:25:16 by Marq Marq
@Marq: maybe you know, will Speccy2010 support ATM Turbo 2 software?