NVScene 2014

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The party feel was about how it goes for US parties - Equipment scattered about, generally relaxed, some booze, but clean [no beer bottles/trash laying about]. Only banners on the walls were things I brought :) I haven't seen last night's aftermath yet, however..
added on the 2014-03-27 16:25:58 by micksam7 micksam7
cupe: somewhere between a tech conference and a demoparty, i'd say. It's been fun! And the drinking has been quite civilized :)
added on the 2014-03-27 16:26:53 by visy visy
The compo hall was NVidia's keynote area, which was huge, and definitely much more 'professional' than the NVScene room.

Having the GTC exhibit hall nearby was interesting too. Could wander in, get free food, drinks, candy ;), then go to the Oculus Rift booth and try out their new gear while slightly intoxicated.
added on the 2014-03-27 16:30:08 by micksam7 micksam7
That was a very good PC demo compo btw

Wat? I think it was very, very weak actually.
added on the 2014-03-27 18:14:29 by spike spike
Spike: really? IMHO you might be missing a frame of reference for the current state of PC demo compos. There really is just one-to-watch every year (Revision), down from five or six just two years ago. As it stands (again, IMHO) the NVScene 2014 PC demo compo has been the consistently strongest (as in: overall high quality over all the entries) in a long, long while.
added on the 2014-03-27 18:43:54 by gloom gloom
Well, you are probably right about the current state of PC demo compos. After the awesome demos of last time I just expected similar quality releases. But all the big names were missing this time - Maybe at revision/assembly?
added on the 2014-03-27 18:51:54 by spike spike
spike: the demo compo landscape has changed significantly in the last 6 years, unfortunately. :) So it probably makes more sense to compare to recent compos at comparable parties than to compare to the same party 6 years ago.

That said: we've now been able to place a whole lot of Tegra4 Shields in scener's hands, so hopefully the Android demo category can pick up pace significantly. :)
added on the 2014-03-27 18:59:50 by gloom gloom
Nice job with the party/compos, guys. Got to speak to Gargaj briefly but not gloom to tell them so.

Enjoyed catching up with some other people I hadn't seen in 15-20 years as well.
added on the 2014-03-27 19:00:42 by basehead basehead
cupe: The party is obviously different than revision or evoke: Here the techno-music from the official conference talks in the main-hall are sometimes louder than the actual party-place. But I personally like that a lot: The atmosphere is awesome, friendly, extremely well organized. I met tons of new people here and you can actually talk and discuss stuff. There is free coffee, food, and more booze-vouchers than I can consume. Everybody (including security) is extremely laid back and friendly. And obviously gloom and garg are trained zen-masters in the art of party-organizing.

The talks were nice (iq was mind-blowing as always) and the demo-compo and pretty high level. I love it!
added on the 2014-03-27 20:13:32 by pixtur pixtur
Great Party guys! both the invites were the best pieces shown imo (specially kewlers one running on shield). Any chance of the party returning next year/becoming a yearly thing ? I'd love to make an entry for it.

Also, are today's sessions being streamed ? seems to be down right now :( Would love to catch the Spike / Science talk!
added on the 2014-03-27 20:22:09 by sohx1 sohx1
We're having a problem with streaming imerso's talk - he couldn't attend in person, so we're webstreaming him from home, but if we start streaming the audio starts feeding back into itself for some reason.
added on the 2014-03-27 20:23:43 by Gargaj Gargaj
ah, no worries then, was just wondering if today was streamed at all, which sounds like it is :)
Will there be an immerso recording later ? (no worries if not, just seemed like an interesting talk as well)
added on the 2014-03-27 20:27:57 by sohx1 sohx1
Sorry we missed the DL : all my fault bad planning real life stuff etc...
added on the 2014-03-27 21:25:21 by nytrik nytrik
I'm really glad I came -- Caught up with old NA friends (jeremy, snowman, phoenix, basehead, Mr. Khan, Northern Dragons, RadMan) and met some new ones. I was flattered to be recognized (positively this time ;-) Wish I had more time to talk to people (I owe Gargaj some more time!) but it was all good.

BTW I hope this party will stop any remaining shitflows to gloom and gargaj -- they were like two invisible hands working in tandem to make the party just *flow* correctly. It was one of the smoothest parties I've ever been to.

People may dump on corporate sponsorship but honestly there was only one sponsor (nvidia, duh) and the resources they provided were near mindblowing. The main hall we had the compos in was probably the very best hall I've ever seen/heard.
added on the 2014-03-27 21:40:30 by trixter trixter
The CMUCC seminar clocked at ~170 people.
added on the 2014-03-27 21:51:00 by Gargaj Gargaj
That. Was. Insane.
added on the 2014-03-27 21:53:28 by gloom gloom
Awesome seminar to say the least :)
added on the 2014-03-27 21:56:54 by visy visy
Hope the ustream caught it! (dang, should've tried to eek out another day)
added on the 2014-03-27 22:01:44 by trixter trixter
It did :)

Apologies for the lack of video right now (audio only) - video is on the way.
added on the 2014-03-27 22:02:47 by gloom gloom
hi, quick unofficial NVScene 2014 release: http://panoramix.ift.uni.wroc.pl/~maq/LBM.ZIP Enjoy!
added on the 2014-03-27 22:06:12 by maq maq
Video back!
added on the 2014-03-27 22:07:27 by gloom gloom
maq: nice! but it complains about missing msvcp120.dll although i installed a couple of vs runtimes which are supposed to have it :/
added on the 2014-03-27 22:10:07 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
maq: compiled it for OSX, got a static screen of hearts. Was that supposed to happen?
added on the 2014-03-27 22:12:49 by visy visy
visy: the code computes 3 frames of the multiphase fluid simulation. one can adopt it to produce animation like the one attached.
added on the 2014-03-27 22:16:20 by maq maq
Gargaj, Gloom: Thank you!
added on the 2014-03-27 22:31:18 by mrdoob mrdoob