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short radio-cuts are SHORT :(
added on the 2014-06-03 19:47:09 by SunSpire SunSpire
CONS: how arrogant do you have to be that to continue "subjective view" with "the support stopped"?
added on the 2014-06-03 20:15:56 by Gargaj Gargaj
Come on Gargaj, there's no need to say anything like that.
added on the 2014-06-03 20:57:37 by Forcer Forcer
Luis and Dr Claw are musing on whether modification may be made to the length component of the music compo rules . . . and whether preselection will also be instituted as a result.

News to come.

Thanks all four of you for your input.
added on the 2014-06-03 22:38:47 by metoikos metoikos
CONS: You can't have both. Either you have a length limit and all entries are played during the compo, or you have no length limit + preselection. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

NAID95 had a music compo with no length limit and no preselection. The music compo was six fucking hours long and the only two people left listening at the end of it were Snowman and myself (and we had to because we were judges).
added on the 2014-06-04 01:12:41 by trixter trixter
trixter & metoikos
Preselection does sound ok to me, with respect to the arguments you mention.
Maybe with a time limit of 4:30 / 5:00 mins max !?
Just an idea: How about 1 hour music compo , split into 2 parts with a 5 minute cigarette break or so. I guess ten to fifteen tracks might be the maximum one can handle and distinguish in such a competition.
And 6 hours music compo i would probably file under torture ;)
added on the 2014-06-04 08:59:08 by CONS CONS
Rules updates!

1) Graphics compos
The updates:
-So this was actually last week, but we added XBIN to the ASCII/ANSI compo
-Oldskool pixel graphics compo added!

2) Music compos
-You can submit a tune as long as you like, but we're going to do preselection and we'll only play 3:30 unless folks are really into it.

One hour is rather long for a music compo at a party with less than 300 people. ( :
added on the 2014-06-04 16:43:15 by metoikos metoikos
Preselection does sound ok to me

And it sounds pretty horrible to any music compo organizer :]

-You can submit a tune as long as you like, but we're going to do preselection and we'll only play 3:30 unless folks are really into it.

Isn't that pretty much the default mode at any demoparty anyway, i.e. "4:00 max, if you submit something longer it will be faded out" yada yada?
Yes to both, Saga. ( :

Reminder for everyone: we have a special competition category for a new volumetric display, the Voxiebox.

You can see a demonstration here:

Want to play with it and show off your skills? Then contact Voxon, the makers of this device to obtain their SDK RIGHT AWAY: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13mn8TH3o4xBXw9amH-UHw6KXoACGRvNe6nTujfMcmhY/vi ewform

**Make sure to mention @party**

Questions? Ask me.
added on the 2014-06-04 19:36:25 by metoikos metoikos
Holy crap, we sold out of regular and MIT presale tickets. We just added four more to each category!
added on the 2014-06-04 19:46:01 by metoikos metoikos
At this point, I should probably get cracking on a compo entry..
added on the 2014-06-04 20:45:43 by phoenix phoenix
: D
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BB Image

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BB Image
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Metoikos - Actually this is the Krinkler you rode in, actively being compressed.

BB Image
added on the 2014-06-04 23:19:53 by micksam7 micksam7
: D Micksam

Schedule live!

added on the 2014-06-05 00:14:37 by metoikos metoikos
Metoikos' announcement in this thread may have been misleading. To clarify: with the exception of music which violates the general compo rules, unless we have hours of submissions there will be no preselection in the music compo. The rules are here: http://atparty-demoscene.net/competitions/music-compos/

So to sum up, the entry can be as long as you like but if it get's boring after the 3:30 mark I'm fading it out. Once it gets to 5 minutes it's getting faded out regardless of quality.
added on the 2014-06-05 07:25:22 by DrClaw DrClaw

well, actually, four.
added on the 2014-06-09 04:59:44 by metoikos metoikos
The MindRider, subject of a talk at @party by co-inventor Arlene Ducao, is covered in the New York Times! cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/06/10/new-york-today-head-trip/
added on the 2014-06-10 19:13:37 by metoikos metoikos
two days!
added on the 2014-06-12 02:50:45 by metoikos metoikos
Before sales of regular tickets ended, we sold out -- AGAIN. Prereg MIT tickets were one short of sold out before they closed. You can still buy an at-door ticket, and we lowered the price a bit given that regular tickets sold out prior to sales closing. The hall is up against its occupancy limit including attendees, speakers and their guests, and @party staff. We're going to rock this house!
added on the 2014-06-12 13:16:40 by metoikos metoikos
FYI -- there are only 15 at-door tickets available, so act fast!
added on the 2014-06-12 13:20:09 by metoikos metoikos

@party 2014 began with four guys clustered around an oscilloscope dating from 1958 with a butane soldering iron.

BB Image

BB Image

BB Image
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BB Image
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