HardSID or alternative USB SID hardware

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I wonder if anyone knows of some good hardware SID solution that you connect over USB? I was just about to order one from HardSID.com but it seems to be out of business (site is down and emails bounces)

I tried to search for one on Ebay without any luck. Google around there seems to be something called SIDblaster also but it's hard to find any good info on it and you aren't able to order.

I mainly want it to play sids on it and not for making music with it (Yes, I know that SID emulators are pretty good these days but I still want the real thing. I could use a C64 with a good cartridge also but a small USB box would be more convenient)
added on the 2014-06-14 16:30:11 by emoon emoon
try to get individual computers's Catweasel MK4plus or similar http://www.jschoenfeld.com
player would be http://acid64.com

i'm good satisfied with this solution. NO USB SOLUTION THO
added on the 2014-06-14 17:02:04 by gentleman gentleman
Yeah, I need a USB solution really but thanks for the tip :)
added on the 2014-06-15 12:31:00 by emoon emoon
i dont think such solution exists (besides hardsid usb, which you might be able to get used)
added on the 2014-06-16 07:15:11 by groepaz groepaz
There are a couple of related projects, but no turn-key solutions, AFAIK.

added on the 2014-06-16 07:59:43 by Marq Marq
Thanks for the replies. I think my best bet would be to find a used HardSID.
added on the 2014-06-16 13:44:39 by emoon emoon
Emoon, I have a metal case hardsid4u, if you are still interested drop me a line: trek wormsign chorus dot hu
added on the 2014-06-22 00:04:37 by Clarence Clarence
Does anyone have the drivers for the Hardsid Uplay? 64-bit preferably.

I thought I had them stashed somewhere, but I can't find the archive anymore. If I ever need to re-install they'd sure come in handy...
In fact, to answer my own question I've found where the drivers are currently hosted (thanks to Wilfred Bos of Acid 64 Player fame). If anyone needs me to spam the entire list of links here, let me know.

Apparently there was a message that the Hardsid site would be down for some time posted sometime in February. I don't think it'll be gone forever but it has been a while. There's a temporary contact email address : hardsidmail at gmail.com for anyone who needs to get in contact in the meantime.
Hey There; as this post aged out a while, I want to renew the question: Is there a "state of the art" (USB or sthg) Hardware SID Solution available?

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