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screenshot added by gnilk on 2003-07-08 22:19:10
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release date : june 2003
release party : Remedy 2003
compo : combined demo
ranked : 1st
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popularity : 61%
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added on the 2003-07-08 22:19:10 by gnilk gnilk

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One of my 2003 favourites so far. A video version is also available:
rulez added on the 2003-07-08 22:28:40 by tomaes tomaes
not a bad demo but more or less ruined by ass-suckingly ugly textures. the depth-of-field-effect was cool.
added on the 2003-07-08 22:47:17 by gloom gloom
must agree with Tomaes, one of my 2003 favourites.. kicked ass on the bigscreen at remedy 2003 :)
rulez added on the 2003-07-08 22:58:14 by bzz bzz
Too bad this won't run on my hardware, but the mpeg file looked decent, so thumbs up!
rulez added on the 2003-07-08 23:06:52 by sea_monkey sea_monkey
It looked like an effectsbrowser. Why not integrate the effects into some cool-looking stuff, instead of doing the most standard things with them?
added on the 2003-07-08 23:23:21 by sagacity sagacity
crash after +/- 1 minute, big 3D head is awful, and loading seems to be a joke for a 18.2 Mo demo... so it's not your best one !
sucks added on the 2003-07-08 23:50:39 by sokoban sokoban
yepp, this was really good!! I really loved the music! The video was far better then the "real thing" but that was because I didn't see any bump mapping. Nice too see a demo that turns of stuff that is not supported by the viewers shitty computer :)
rulez added on the 2003-07-08 23:54:23 by ekoli ekoli
big file but nice demo anyway
rulez added on the 2003-07-09 01:59:46 by Buckethead Buckethead
sucks added on the 2003-07-09 10:05:42 by freddan freddan
Hi all, and thanks for watching the demo.

You that have actual problems to run it, if its not to much trouble for you, please send me a mail containing
* when the demo crached ( directly after hitting 'run', at some specific % loading level, or the last thing you saw on the screen ).
* Your HW info, and possible gfx driver version.

We maybe patch this demo, maybe not, but we will take the knowledge to our next one.
added on the 2003-07-09 10:10:14 by MazyNoc MazyNoc
we have the high-end hardware, boys! let's do some 3d-flyby with a twist - we bump-every single object and make it shiny all over!! the crowd will go wild!...
added on the 2003-07-09 11:26:57 by bhead bhead
noice are great at code+effects. the 3d text fx (the blocks one and the metas one) were very nice, and the hair, depth of field, all impressive. the bumped stuf looked good too.
needs better design - not just rotating objects with one effect after another - and some better artwork. maybe next time? =)
but in the end this is an effect show, and the important part (the effects themselves) were very good.
rulez added on the 2003-07-09 12:29:26 by smash smash
ok this looked nice on the mpg version but ...on my gforce 3 all the bump is disable : any help is welcome .
for teh rest : same as smash
rulez added on the 2003-07-09 13:57:44 by nytrik nytrik
the bump is mainly made in fragment_programs.. i know that gf3 can handle atleast diffuse bumpmap in a single pass ( the goat at the beginning should have that ) and for the other scenes, blame me, i was lasy and only made a single fallbackpath to texture+light.. The good news on the other hand is that we might provide an update that lets the gf3,gf4 users to look at the demo with bumpmap as well, but then again, im lazy, so we'll se about that :)
added on the 2003-07-09 14:14:26 by MazyNoc MazyNoc
Agh,. I came in this Netcafe which have pixel shader card to watch this thing and returns me a runtime error after loading 100%. The funny thing is that I managed to run the window mode this way. It also crashes, except if you try to move the window around while loading, especially nearly before the end of loading. Like it overpasses the error checking or something. But then, the colors sucks (like it's using 16bit) at the bumps and it's slow..
added on the 2003-07-09 15:18:10 by Optimus Optimus
If you run the desktop in 16bit, and window, you will get 16bit.. and i know for a fact that many drivers are a bit buggy at some of the thigs we use, but the latest Detonator and Catalyst seems to work just fine.. Sorry that it doesnt work, even if you went through such trouble to watch it..
added on the 2003-07-09 15:34:05 by MazyNoc MazyNoc
Well, screenshot looks nice, but I will probably not download it coz the big filesize and it won't look that good on my old hardware.

The somehow arrogant behaviour in the nfo suxx a bit. Yes, we are living the 21st century, but actually it doesn't brought us that many positive things (except you are a fan of globalization, preventive wars, mass unemployment, growing poorness, ...). But back to demos. I think, the filesize limitation makes sense (limitation in resolution is more a problem with the beamer/projector). Just watch some ass kicking 64k's and then think why a demo must be 15+ mb big. One easy step to reduce file size is not using mp3's for sound.
added on the 2003-07-10 04:48:18 by Crest Crest
come on. Noice _can_ do better than this. Better design, better transitions, better feeling. The face with the hair is indeed ugly, and some of the colors used in the demo are quite inconsistent. However, some of the effects kick ass... like the metastuff for instance...
If you had only taken a day or two to put all the stuff together, and given it some thought, this could have been a really good demo. Now it's just ok.... (but you did deserve to win :)
added on the 2003-07-10 17:07:23 by gammawave gammawave
Well, it was nice that it at least runs on cards that don't support all the features... Much better than most OGL demos that just crash in this case...

But even though it ran, it didn't look very good, because the bumpmapping/per-pixel specular lighting was all gone... all you saw was some gouraud-shaded stuff...

And yes, it looked 16 bit on my R8500, even in windowed mode, running in a 32 bit desktop (Catalyst 3.5 WHQL).
On my gf2 it ran in 32 bit.

But judging from the movie, I think that the lighting could have been done with dot3 aswell, or even embm (it looks like there's just one static lightsource at the camera position anyway), and get just as good results, but be much more compatible.
So I don't think the shader usage is justified.
added on the 2003-07-10 19:27:45 by Scali Scali
Nice demo, but:
Athlon XP1800+ and R9100 and it was like a true-color-demo on a high-color-card and a much too slow 486. ;)
Anyway, nice demo.
Nice effect demo, but lacks a good designer, as has been said above :P
rulez added on the 2003-07-10 21:56:25 by shash shash
strange that 16<->32bit look thing.. i guess the fallback system isn't finished yet :)

yep, your right, we use the normal dot3 bump in the fragment_program, but thats the only way i could make it single pass.. i dont know a good ( cross vendor) way to fix diffuse + colormap + specular bump in one pass. ( maybe i need to study harder :)

I dont think we that arrogant concerning the limits, have you looked at the techdemos from ATI or NVidia lately? It's a reason they are in the 25 to 60MB range.

8bit normalmaps have been fun, but they also shown to be to inaccurat for several new techniques, so that will force us to use 16bit (or even floating points), we can still pack a 2 channel 16bit into the same size as an RGBA, but not if we want to emulate hiresmodel with bumpmap techniques, becourse then we need objectspaced bumpmaps, so 3 channel 16 bit.. and if we have the ATI car, it has an area of what? 9 square meters? that means, with a 512*512 map we can simulate object as small as 5mm, if we really can pack it to every last pixel, that is often enough, but that alone will be a 4 meg map.. and normalmaps arent the easiest to pack :)

And if you want to get rid of some of the artifacts of spherical mapping you will use cubemaps, that takes 6 times as much memory as the usual 2dmap.

there are more examples but I stop there..

Yes we didn't use the size that wisely this time, but you must learn to walk before you can run.. so maybe we can use it better in future demos, but we will never be allowed to try with 12meg as maxlimit for demos.

hehe, long speech, but atleast that give you atleast my point of view on it :)

added on the 2003-07-11 01:05:20 by MazyNoc MazyNoc
if there had been a single texture in this demo that would be at least a tiny bit hard to generate algorithmically, I would almost be convinced by the above arguments ;P

Normal maps (especially the kind you used for the tunnels and alien thingy) are a piece of cake to generate, and as far as cubemaps are concerned you would typically want them to reflect the environment they're placed in.. by rendering it to textures.

Btw, If I'm not mistaken, the mentioned tech demos tend to use photograph-based textures, which are arguably harder to generate than the fractal clouds you're using ;)
added on the 2003-07-11 07:57:03 by gammawave gammawave
I like. Its the nice thing. Many warm fussy feelings flew through me. I had glowing stuff in my head, made me feel well.

rulez added on the 2003-07-11 13:18:42 by Pegasus Pegasus
I have to agree with most other people here: The entire production shouts "hey, look at our nice fragment program effects" and little else. I like the meta-whatever-letter effect, and the zoom-into-a-lot-of-smaller-pictures effect (not that both haven't been done before, but they're nicely done), but the rest seems to be more or less an effects browser. Plus points for making fallbacks for people with older cards, although one could argue a GF3 should be able to show bumpmapped scenes, yes. :-)
added on the 2003-07-11 20:06:24 by Sesse Sesse
crap (on gf4)
sucks added on the 2003-07-11 20:10:52 by neon neon
Yes it is! It's mostly a hotch-potch of semi good illustrations, 3d stuff and code that we didn't find any better use of.
sucks added on the 2003-07-13 04:29:46 by twixy twixy
Runs pretty fine on my machine but the demo really overuses the bumpmaps (they are over exposed) Its still good to see that some groups actually do use bumpmaps, DOF and such.
added on the 2003-07-14 21:59:24 by emoon emoon
scali ( and everyone else with the same problem) : i think the 16 bit color problem is a setting in the controlpanel, i bet you have some setting to fastest or similar for textures, that forces them to be 16bit.. normally this isnt that noticable since the framebuffer still is 32bit, and all texture filtering is calculated in 32bit, even if the texture itself is 16.. but we make havy use of render to textureso we cant benefit from the filtering, that might give this 16 bit look..
added on the 2003-07-15 13:14:24 by MazyNoc MazyNoc
You're right, Mazy...
It is a setting in control panel...
But I have it set to default options, which is 'Quality', and apparently that is still 16 bit (so I wonder why it's called 'Quality', especially since there are still 2 lower options :)...
If I set it to 'High Quality', then the demo renders in 32 bit... Ironically the D3D settings DO default to 'High Quality'... oh well.
Mystery is solved, for all us ATi users :)
added on the 2003-07-15 14:06:36 by Scali Scali
Scali: These same settings will now allow you to look at Conspiracy's intros with proper textures, for instance.
added on the 2003-07-15 20:51:29 by sagacity sagacity
I don't like it! If You make 15mb demo, make it worth downloading! I saw it on gf2mx and on radeon9500... both versions suxx! Model are uncool, i don't like the music and size sometimes does matter!
sucks added on the 2004-02-08 14:59:35 by mshine mshine
I don't like it! If You make 15mb demo, make it worth downloading! I saw it on gf2mx and on radeon9500... both versions suxx! Model are uncool, i don't like the music and size sometimes does matter!
added on the 2004-02-08 15:00:17 by mshine mshine
Uninteresting. I watched this after getting shaders, but was disappointed.. not a bad one, but there's nothing in it that makes me want to watch it twice.
added on the 2004-10-09 21:27:12 by Preacher Preacher
quite nice & very clean
added on the 2005-12-04 13:15:46 by EarlGrey EarlGrey
Interesting, looks good even after so many years. Good work.
rulez added on the 2009-12-21 12:30:24 by deepr deepr
Ribbons in the cave, cool bump, dof, hair and all those smoothly twisting things make the thumb up.
added on the 2009-12-21 12:31:47 by deepr deepr
Underrated. One of the few groups to manage to code proper normal mapping.
rulez added on the 2021-04-05 11:27:09 by arm1n arm1n

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