Green Cheese by Haujobb & kolor [web] & Park Studios [web]
screenshot added by bhead on 2003-08-25 11:12:47
platform :
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release date : august 2003
release party : Evoke 2003
compo : console demo
ranked : 1st
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popularity : 70%
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alltime top: #881
added on the 2003-08-25 09:34:33 by bhead bhead

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sorry, the link is to the divx video version... the binaries seem to be unavailable as of now.
the demo is very well-made, the 3d seems to be quite minimalistic, but effective and sweet-looking. I didn't quite get the theme tho... who's this weird cheese-loving creature? 8]
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 10:11:47 by bhead bhead
watched in at the party - great stuff....would love to see it on a pda once :)
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 11:10:15 by coma coma
oh, and by the way it' actually by hjb+kolor+parkstudios...
added on the 2003-08-25 11:13:56 by bhead bhead
pretty nifty - i watched it at the party too. liked it really much.
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 11:46:56 by sobec sobec
very nice. i dig the grass(/trees?)+sun scene. and the sync was great.
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 11:59:08 by skypher skypher
yeah niiice prod! did it really run on a pda or whatever ? jesus :-)
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 12:08:43 by cipherz cipherz
the demo runs on any usual pocketpc (with strongarm cpu), but quite a bit slower.
to get the framerate of the divx capture, you'll need a pda with intel xscale cpu.
and actually the demo looks better on the real hardware. because of the tiny flat-screen, resolution- and colour-limitation is less obvious.
added on the 2003-08-25 12:37:34 by hfr hfr
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 13:02:16 by mrdoob mrdoob
beautiful! best thing i've seen on a mobile platform.
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 13:09:44 by annieeee annieeee
it should be better, you people sux! haujobb without visualize is pure shit!
sucks added on the 2003-08-25 13:25:11 by ripper ripper
helli is right about the divx looking better than on the real hardware, but it's still a really nice handheld release.
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 13:26:08 by Shifter Shifter
lovely demo, i had this Lapsuus on PDA feeling when i saw it... the naturescene i suppose...

the atmosphere was a bit like the average amigademos by TBL.. except for the cheesescene, which was something typically Kolor :)
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 13:28:19 by post malone post malone
I am surprised that Netpoet can do other thank Kindermachenmusik. ;)
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 13:37:07 by tomcat tomcat
Lovely... The ole software 3ds player returns :)
By far the best Pocket PC demo I've seen so far, very well executed.
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 13:59:01 by Scali Scali
For some strange reason I have to second Scali.

Yep, rulez. Oh, and binaries please, I want to test it on the real thing!
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 14:03:17 by kb_ kb_
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 14:12:39 by superplek superplek
seems like mr. ogre is cooking cheese soup today because his friend the octopus is coming around for a visit.
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 14:14:41 by blurr blurr
very very very nice!
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 14:29:03 by Kojote Kojote
where can i ga it via http:// ( because of my company firewall ) ?
added on the 2003-08-25 14:49:12 by nytrik nytrik
incredible!!! i love simply everything about this demo.

blurr hahahahha, that's a nice storyline =)
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 15:21:06 by dipswitch dipswitch
yeah... this one really kicks. not much else than a 3d player but the scenes look absolutely great. i guess noize is starting to be my favourite 3d artist...
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 15:21:27 by raymon raymon
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 17:03:48 by krunoce krunoce
1997 called
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 17:05:28 by sagacity sagacity
more hjb/kolor/park demos please.
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 17:33:20 by ryg ryg
Really cool stunning mobile-demo!!
Rocked at the big screen at evoke!
Soundtrack is superb and story-line rocks as well!

Hellfire: I was wondering...how did you do the .avi export anyways?? via pocket-pc-emu or similar?? Would like to know more about those possibilities... ;-) Thanks for some info...
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 19:01:42 by Weasel Weasel
Really cool demo. Stylish 3d-scenes and great soundtrack.
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 19:06:02 by dairos dairos
Poaha wtf ! More like that please. Awesome music, awesome design and superb 3D scenes. wooo yay!
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 19:24:01 by elend elend
kick ass.. coolest imagination ever in a demo I think :) Refreshingly good 3d. And kickass music. Great idea with the grass effect as well.. Way to go!!!
rulez added on the 2003-08-25 20:04:29 by loaderror loaderror
Entertaining and cool demo, remembers the best 3d demos from the DOS era.
added on the 2003-08-26 01:07:14 by Crest Crest
rulez added on the 2003-08-26 10:46:30 by nytrik nytrik
this totally rules the earth! killer soundtrack by maestro netpoet, ruling 3d scenes by king noize and rocking code by master hellfire!
imho the best overall demo at evoke.
rulez added on the 2003-08-27 12:44:37 by jar/science jar/science
woah! what a fantastic coop-production!
rulez added on the 2003-08-27 18:06:43 by fiver fiver
fantastic co-pro !

pÖt, der sound ist hammer und helli/fuzzel hätten es nicht noch besser syncen können... und noize ist halt der alte rocker...
danke !

rulez added on the 2003-08-28 03:43:19 by Igoronimo Igoronimo
Really nice :) Where is the possibillity to download the Soundtrack? :)
rulez added on the 2003-08-28 18:20:28 by Sapphire Sapphire
to get the soundtrack just load the avi to a tool like virtualdub and press "demux audio".

though, according to the hardware specs (200mhz, no fpu, few & slow memory), i strongly believe the sound was some kind of module in it's original form.
added on the 2003-08-28 21:54:54 by blurr blurr
binaries please?
added on the 2003-08-28 22:34:38 by fox fox
it look bad like OLD demo but I like also!

The troll he make the cheese green for bad children yes? haha.

rulez added on the 2003-08-29 05:57:26 by Shanethewolf Shanethewolf
hah! fucking excellent!!
rulez added on the 2003-08-29 07:44:18 by gloom gloom
SaphirJD: you can probably E-Mail netpoet (http://www.parkstudios.net)

great release, lots of haujobb/kolor/park -ness
rulez added on the 2003-08-29 10:42:50 by cats cats
Very cool demo, and very cool music too :)
rulez added on the 2003-08-29 22:46:29 by ravity ravity
I enjoyed this a lot. Interesting concept and very high quality presentation, though I don't particularly care for the format. I'd have preferred to see it realize it's full potential as a hires Windows demo.
rulez added on the 2003-08-30 18:23:34 by Wade Wade
Very impressive!
rulez added on the 2003-08-31 18:49:10 by Jukebox Jukebox
green cheese... on the surface

very enjoyable
rulez added on the 2003-10-19 00:10:16 by sylphin sylphin
dummdidumm.... where are the binaries...
added on the 2003-10-20 00:41:26 by dipswitch dipswitch
Still waiting for the binaries. What's the problem?
the problem is that hellfire had a hdd crash and lost the binary for the Xscale version. I'm thinking of releasing the "normal" PDA version for ARM 206MHz procs, but this version won't run on Xscale PDAs...
added on the 2003-11-26 15:04:02 by _fuzzel_ _fuzzel_
i love it! now soundtrack is playing on my mind :)
rulez added on the 2003-12-21 16:17:16 by shadez shadez
i think this one is the best demo in 2003, everything fits here. and, finally netpoet surprise me.
rulez added on the 2004-01-24 02:57:00 by Fzool Fzool
huh.. my comment disappeared in the pouet crash.. well.... Ill say it again. . This roxx ;)
added on the 2004-01-24 05:35:42 by loaderror loaderror
That's a PocketPC? Cool.
rulez added on the 2004-01-24 06:24:04 by crusader crusader
well yea, if still anyone is looking for the soundtrack, i could upload it somewhere...interested?
added on the 2004-02-18 08:36:29 by netpoet netpoet
finally the binary of the 206MHz ARM
version of the demo is released. you can
grab the binary on www.haujobb.com
keep in mind that this version won't work on
Xcale CPUs...
added on the 2004-02-26 20:23:42 by _fuzzel_ _fuzzel_
The direct link: (for the lazy ones)

Nice too see this running on my ipaq. Wow!
added on the 2004-02-26 20:43:52 by Virgill Virgill
Oh, and netpoet: Gimme the url to download the nice track! :D
added on the 2004-02-26 20:44:59 by Virgill Virgill
the URL to download the soundtrack to "green cheese" is here:


have fun. :)
added on the 2004-06-03 12:49:46 by netpoet netpoet
the soundtrack! the graphics!
rulez added on the 2004-09-03 10:46:35 by bzz bzz
well if someone is still interested in watching
this demo on a Xcale PDA you can try the
released version mentioned above...
added on the 2004-09-17 13:29:11 by _fuzzel_ _fuzzel_
Thanks for the soundtrack guys =)

Pretty neat demo overall.
rulez added on the 2004-09-17 13:42:36 by Nezbie Nezbie
links fixed.
added on the 2004-09-23 21:43:19 by dipswitch dipswitch
fun. especially the underwater parts were nice and also those shrooms that reminded me of pikmin.. groovy music also.
rulez added on the 2004-11-03 19:15:09 by uncle-x uncle-x
rulez added on the 2004-11-03 19:25:58 by quisten quisten
a few nice parts
added on the 2004-11-03 19:33:37 by hollowman hollowman
totally cool.
rulez added on the 2005-05-01 01:41:16 by Gargaj Gargaj
rulez added on the 2005-05-01 23:08:03 by p01 p01
Somehow this demo could never really impress me, but I have to admit it is a solid work.
rulez added on the 2005-07-16 23:22:43 by René Madenmann René Madenmann
rulez added on the 2005-08-24 13:49:22 by psp_guy psp_guy
3D scenes are good, but the demo is boring.
added on the 2005-09-01 15:32:17 by 0xF 0xF
Y E S !
rulez added on the 2005-10-04 10:43:15 by dwarf dwarf
I would have loved to see this running but it simply crashes my device (Toshiba E310). Is it so difficult to make something that runs on more than just the coders machine?? But I really like the music and the video looks very cool so piggie for this one.
added on the 2006-01-03 01:35:07 by pailes_ pailes_
what an absolutely awesome demo! it's good to know that there are other cheese lovers out there.
rulez added on the 2006-03-10 22:26:36 by Ger Ger
i tried this on a new dell pocketpc, but all i got was trashed loading screen and a crash.

video still looks cool after few years... it just would be nice to see this finally on the real platform.
added on the 2006-03-10 22:49:41 by annieeee annieeee
works great on my PocketPC Phone *Intel PXA 272 416MHz* some time looks slow but gets fast then..
rulez added on the 2006-05-16 18:56:09 by JackTraky JackTraky
A bit boring but very nice visuals.
rulez added on the 2006-06-09 13:26:22 by StingRay StingRay
slightly boring show. good scenes mostly. would be average on pc, but nice to see on pocket pc.
rulez added on the 2006-06-09 14:16:49 by earx earx
very well done! polished production, nice code, nice artwork!
rulez added on the 2006-08-24 20:42:39 by arm1n arm1n
Loved that at the party.
rulez added on the 2006-09-13 22:45:47 by eye eye
one of the best handheld demos i have seen
rulez added on the 2006-12-08 19:24:25 by jamcar jamcar
rulez added on the 2006-12-08 19:37:32 by parcelshit parcelshit
rulez added on the 2007-04-19 10:13:49 by aha aha
rulez added on the 2007-04-22 13:43:32 by src src
horrible flyby, i don't care about the platform
sucks added on the 2007-05-07 21:22:32 by waffle waffle
rockz!!! runs very fluid on my small eten m700 pda.
make more demos for mobile devices.
rulez added on the 2007-06-21 15:02:42 by 6066 6066
@fuzzel: didnt find any possibility to contact you, so what dev environment did you use ?
added on the 2007-06-21 15:09:42 by 6066 6066
The demo was done using embedded visual studio 4.x. For getting things small we used the jpglib.
added on the 2007-12-19 18:30:37 by fuzz-el fuzz-el
runs on my phone (windows mobile 6) - awesome!
rulez added on the 2008-09-22 05:11:00 by phoenix phoenix
Great! Nice work. Working fine on my Acer n311, its amazing
rulez added on the 2009-08-25 21:32:53 by Kamineko Kamineko
Awesome. Green cheese will make you happy.
rulez added on the 2009-08-27 17:36:13 by xernobyl xernobyl
rulez added on the 2009-11-04 23:55:57 by Bobic Bobic
rulez added on the 2009-11-28 01:15:12 by stage7 stage7
the music makes me thumb this up. the actual demo is the usual flybyish 3d show
rulez added on the 2009-11-28 07:07:11 by rasmus/loonies rasmus/loonies
Thank you very much. :)
added on the 2010-03-29 11:04:50 by netpoet netpoet
rulez added on the 2010-03-29 11:24:57 by Frequent Frequent
Awesome in many respects.
rulez added on the 2010-07-17 16:29:05 by Zavie Zavie
rulez added on the 2011-02-27 15:15:40 by provod provod
Alles andere ist Käse.
rulez added on the 2011-08-22 15:35:15 by SiR SiR
rulez added on the 2012-04-25 01:58:24 by T$ T$
Very nice
rulez added on the 2012-05-24 14:00:31 by dafuq dafuq
rulez added on the 2013-09-26 14:17:21 by raer raer
great stuff.
rulez added on the 2013-09-26 14:52:09 by v3nom v3nom
nice & great song. i like it when netpoet goes on the weird side with music :D
rulez added on the 2017-07-03 13:00:12 by nagz nagz
Ah yes, the classic cheese and mushroom demo. :)
rulez added on the 2017-09-14 00:18:32 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
missing a thumb here!
rulez added on the 2017-09-14 01:40:55 by psenough psenough
Oh yes, this was very nice. Very fondly remembered. By me.
added on the 2017-09-14 02:09:36 by elend elend
Cool demo
rulez added on the 2017-09-14 02:50:51 by bitl bitl
Neat stuff!
rulez added on the 2020-08-14 22:00:15 by ham ham

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