fr-056: gravity of the moon by Farbrausch [web]
screenshot added by sunnm on 2007-05-23 10:14:35
platform :
type :
release date : may 2007
release party : Simulaatio 2007
compo : combined demo
ranked : 3rd
  • 65
  • 46
  • 29
popularity : 72%
  • 0.26
alltime top: #1844
added on the 2007-05-23 09:19:09 by el-bee el-bee

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the last scene rules
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 10:02:08 by waffle waffle
Shit do i need some 3d glasses! That ruled without though, perhaps not on the same level as fr55 but close enough for many watchings i reckon! Good work guys.
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 10:03:04 by psonice psonice
thumb it up for the last scene and its xperimental attempt of two guys.
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 10:19:55 by sunnm sunnm
any kkapture available ?
added on the 2007-05-23 10:22:55 by p01 p01
neat ambience.. but not particularly mindblowing
added on the 2007-05-23 11:09:24 by Duckers Duckers
same as waffle
added on the 2007-05-23 11:25:54 by Pulsar Pulsar
What can I say, cool stuff from Visu once again. Fun use of the 3D effect and all. Looking forward to more at Simulaatio 6 :)
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 11:30:21 by break break
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 12:05:12 by hhhhhhh hhhhhhh
what Pulsar said ..
added on the 2007-05-23 12:30:05 by Premium Premium
DirectX error 8876086c 4ever.
added on the 2007-05-23 12:49:15 by bdk bdk
The downer goes straight to the sound department.
Last scene looks great, but that won't help without the proper music.
All in all it is bloody boring and fails to create "atmosphere goosebumps".
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 13:07:48 by d0DgE d0DgE
hmm... im absolutely not impressed this time...
added on the 2007-05-23 13:10:12 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
Nope, this is realy to strange for me, probably hard as hell to code, but sorry it dont help this time, this is no new Debris.
added on the 2007-05-23 13:19:34 by M:ET M:ET
at least we know now who officially started the "i want a new debris" whining...
added on the 2007-05-23 13:29:08 by kb_ kb_
"probably hard as hell to code"
haha. definitely no :)
added on the 2007-05-23 13:32:43 by ryg ryg
if you're on drugs.. stop them..
if not.. get some..

both audio and visuals are crappy.. sorry
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 14:03:47 by medron medron
I like it, nuke fiction
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 14:07:12 by Buckethead Buckethead
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 14:24:38 by Zplex Zplex
ok ryg then i know. kinda strange way to inform me though, but im glad that i culd make you laugh a bit.
added on the 2007-05-23 14:26:01 by M:ET M:ET
at least we know now who officially started the "i want a new debris" whining...

Was the "i want a new popular demo" whining so much better? ;)
added on the 2007-05-23 14:46:39 by tomaes tomaes
here's one you forgot:
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 15:03:38 by maali maali
This is definitely *NOT* a new Ghetto Rocker! :(
added on the 2007-05-23 15:06:36 by okkie okkie
aargh, wattafuk! candytron had kool babes and speak in 64KB!! this is HUGE!
added on the 2007-05-23 15:23:43 by shadez shadez
m:et: it's done using werkkzeug, ie no (additional) coding was done producing this.
added on the 2007-05-23 15:24:49 by prm prm
I like it except for the last scene. :)
added on the 2007-05-23 15:25:19 by StingRay StingRay
No additional coding!
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 15:45:18 by Korvkiosken Korvkiosken
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 15:58:11 by raymon raymon
Minimalistic style. The last scene is very 3D :)
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 16:12:43 by xernobyl xernobyl
hm, a little bit boring, except the last scene....
added on the 2007-05-23 16:15:32 by wiseman wiseman
Not totally impressed, but I can't say it looked bad.
added on the 2007-05-23 16:22:32 by ferris ferris
Saw it without glasses, looks quite interesting, will have to take another look this evening with glasses.
added on the 2007-05-23 16:27:08 by mrdoob mrdoob
i dig the atmosphere. well done!
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 16:57:40 by cp_ cp_
me likes
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 17:03:27 by uncle-x uncle-x
God damn awful!

What's with the soundtrack? I wasn't sure if it was corrupt or if it was a (poor) attempt to be all arty. Yawn!
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 17:09:38 by Shanethewolf Shanethewolf
not FR-044SE.
ugly, msx sucks, bad scenes
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 17:34:51 by wie8 wie8
sounds like the very annoying version of a nice Jari Pitkanen track. No inspiration, no scene spirit, no passion. After seeing Debris' size this should have been 64k! After something cool like Debris this is a total failure!
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 17:39:27 by decipher decipher
Decipher: this is not made by the FR members who made Debris so its not a fair compairson. :)
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 17:56:23 by magic magic
The anaglyphic mode doesn't really work for me (maybe it's just me), otherwise a nice demo.
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 18:00:27 by teel teel
:D when im old and gray i can now tell my grandchildren that i killed farbrausch not only once nor twice but three times. \o/
why dont you debris/size whiners offer me your procedural softsynth with granular synthesis? i would defnitly love to make intro soundtracks with that if it existed.
added on the 2007-05-23 18:01:07 by psenough psenough
Where can I buy 3d-glasses ? :)

MPEG-4 AVC video
Youtube video
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 18:06:45 by evil evil
I don't really like the "music" in this one and the atmosphere is nothing special. But nice looking anyway as usual.
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 18:12:42 by dairos dairos
visuals are good, music are not , overall good
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 18:13:16 by pasy pasy
why didn't you make all the demo like the last scene?
added on the 2007-05-23 18:20:45 by soolta soolta
like! - last scene flawless!
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 18:23:34 by Muerto Muerto
Demo was quite nice but the soundtrack destroyed it totally.
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 18:47:56 by Shockwave Shockwave
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 18:48:38 by 4kum4 4kum4
i try to like this.. i try to understand this ..but with exception of the last scene, i just dont get the point of this demo.
added on the 2007-05-23 18:58:51 by alien^PDX alien^PDX
nice 1
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 18:59:39 by cycor cycor
though I would like to see more of this... this one here... not another one, this one here longer...
lollerskates. good musics btw!
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 19:13:54 by uns3en_ uns3en_
too short
added on the 2007-05-23 19:20:20 by gentleman gentleman
boring in the middle
added on the 2007-05-23 19:48:02 by beton beton
rulez0r from me! where can I buy 3d glasses.. I thought it looked pretty cool in red/cyan too though :)
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 20:21:11 by loaderror loaderror
a bit too random
added on the 2007-05-23 20:34:56 by src src
good stuff
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 20:37:55 by rmeht rmeht
go and learn something from your german members
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 20:45:36 by elkmoose elkmoose
I like it. Interesting visuals and the soundtrack creates a good ambiance (certainly much nicer than what I was expecting based on the comments).

Not too long either. :)
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 21:14:51 by Sverker Sverker
great color scheme and the last scene gives vertigo!
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 21:18:14 by Zest Zest
Sincerely, it's bad. I don't like it.
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 21:26:26 by Jacksoft Jacksoft
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 21:51:12 by Mystra Mystra
i absolutely appreciate the glitchy, experimental approach and the subtle soundscapes in this one. totally fits. only downer: there's not much of coherence or conceptual flow in this one. looks rather like mismatch scenes randomly thrown together. yet, i liked it a lot.
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 21:55:04 by monroe monroe
perhaps my first thumb down for a FR prod. I really don't get it. And the drone music goes nowhere in my opinion (and what about those ugly glitch sounds which almost burnt my monitors tweeters?)

The last scene looks good though. I can imagine that kind of complex objects in a more attracting direction. It should be great.
sucks added on the 2007-05-23 21:59:45 by oxb oxb
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 22:04:01 by Cj Cj
shit, I just realised I don't have red-cyan glasses, why don't you do like traction? :P
added on the 2007-05-23 22:08:55 by mrdoob mrdoob
added on the 2007-05-23 22:23:23 by Optimus Optimus
the last scene is rocks (some nice scenes before too)
but the soundtrack did't do it's job quite as good as in d(stands for) or in 828
rulez added on the 2007-05-23 23:06:55 by v3nom v3nom
sucks added on the 2007-05-24 02:17:50 by iks iks
No coherent total.
sucks added on the 2007-05-24 03:31:51 by cerror cerror
visuals are appealiing as always, the addition of random noises (oh so newschool) keeps this from getting a thumb up.
added on the 2007-05-24 06:27:40 by chromag chromag
what waffle said.
and good ambience soundtrack.
but, this demo lacks to the impact...
added on the 2007-05-24 07:06:07 by got got
absolutely marvelous SUX! stop ruining your talent! please...
sucks added on the 2007-05-24 07:09:07 by zeebr zeebr
Why the cold reception here? So far, the up/down thumb ratio is 2:1 compared to 4:1 for 828.

Personally, these demos do not give me any demovibes and it crashes here, so pig.
added on the 2007-05-24 07:58:15 by Hyde Hyde
the last scene was ok, the rest i dont get
added on the 2007-05-24 08:11:32 by hollowman hollowman
really boring and this "hashed" sound...
sucks added on the 2007-05-24 08:29:10 by RA RA
sucks added on the 2007-05-24 08:59:49 by Mike 3D Mike 3D
sounds like the very annoying version of a nice Jari Pitkanen track. No inspiration, no scene spirit, no passion. After seeing Debris' size this should have been 64k! After something cool like Debris this is a total failure!

I see absolutely no point in making a prod smaller or bigger correlating it to another prod. This is even a whole different style than in debris. Heck, this is better than debris.

What the fuck is wrong with you guys. "nannannaa it has to be an intro". I second ps.

This is a traction dilemma. People want some magic tricks to compress a fucking streamed music file into 64k. It's impossible to compress one. Period.
added on the 2007-05-24 09:15:22 by waffle waffle
rulez added on the 2007-05-24 09:36:14 by Anat Anat
i only bothered to watch it on youtube, but from what i saw it was a lot nicer than 828 :) ..and i like the music too.
(reserving final judgement until i see it on a pc. youtube is killing the scene!)

however, im glad to see that since debris was 180k and entered in a demo competition, that demos should now be compared by their size. brilliant. im off to make a 1k for assembly and enter it in the demo competition - it'll be 65536 times smaller than the size limit, so it's surely a guaranteed winner!
added on the 2007-05-24 09:53:57 by smash smash
completely indistinguishable from 828 or D or any of those layers upon layers demos...

Actually it is probably less boring than 828, only because it is shorter. Music is ok for what it is. Pig for the last scene which was above the rest.
added on the 2007-05-24 10:36:06 by Navis Navis
has it's moments, but all in all it's a bit thin.

my thumb is for the soundtrack. a neat alternation to all these annoying eurotrash-"we're all so retro"-80ies-soundtracks of the last few demo years.
rulez added on the 2007-05-24 10:42:05 by a-move a-move
Soundtrack? Which soundtracK? It's just some noise again. I don't like this trend in demos as I really like good demo soundtracks. Nevertheless the scenes are looking great, especially the last one. 828 was imho better in design.
added on the 2007-05-24 12:06:24 by Bobic Bobic
"good demo soundtrack" is more or less in the ear of the beholder, isnt it?
added on the 2007-05-24 12:18:53 by smash smash
This and 828 are so far out there i am stunned.
rulez added on the 2007-05-24 12:21:16 by k-bird k-bird
this is pretty good stuff. reminds me of the last scene of "2001"
added on the 2007-05-24 13:05:24 by gloom gloom
I really like this!
Visaulize has a really interesting style when it comes to creating atomsphere. I found this side of farbrausch equally interesting as the other things they do, ofcourse it's hard to compare this with Debris but just because they don't break the boundries codewise here it doesn't mean it sucks. Must be hard to be in Farbrausch when everyone expects so much all the time. :-)
Just keep releasing your demos Visualice, they are great!
rulez added on the 2007-05-24 14:07:45 by ekoli ekoli
didn`t like it .. lets see what the future brings next
sucks added on the 2007-05-24 14:08:55 by cybersh0t cybersh0t
too boring 4 me, and there are "strange" noises on my speakers...
sucks added on the 2007-05-24 14:35:54 by am-fm am-fm
i liked it even without glasses... and cool to hear some new stuff from ps!
rulez added on the 2007-05-24 15:00:31 by fiveofive fiveofive
could have been good with some music.
added on the 2007-05-24 22:17:03 by prm prm
ghey cheese ftw \o/
rulez added on the 2007-05-24 22:21:43 by button button
wtf? "ghey cheese ftw \o/" was ment for the mfx asm invite http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=30794 . Never have more than one prod window open while dishing out you Pouet comments children...it's not safe!
added on the 2007-05-24 22:25:21 by button button
so, nice demo. i enjoyed it.
added on the 2007-05-24 22:26:36 by button button
This is probably my favorite anaglyph demo yet, and I've watched just about all of them. You guys definitely had an understanding of what would works under the glasses, and I love that you played around with 3D elements coming out of 2D backgrounds. The soundtrack is cool, though I wish it continued through the end.
rulez added on the 2007-05-25 06:49:15 by Jerware Jerware
I like visu style coupled with ps soundscapes... i think the movements are still too fast for an ambient demo, but the last scene wins it a thumb.
rulez added on the 2007-05-25 08:47:23 by dixan dixan
I always have mixed feeling with Visualice demos, but after watching it a second time I definitely had to thumb it up.
And, yes, the last scene totally rocks!
rulez added on the 2007-05-25 13:29:44 by DoctorRockit DoctorRockit
I liked it without 3d glasses, but the use of stereoscopic is questionable imo there. wouldn't it look much better with decent colors? I guess it was a choice, but still.. it had a good art demo potential.. too bad..
rulez added on the 2007-05-25 20:19:46 by nystep nystep
visualice + ps.
rulez added on the 2007-05-25 23:36:08 by kimi kardashian kimi kardashian
Nice, very atmospheric and pleasing both visually and sonically. I didn't even realize it was supposed to be watched with 3d glasses - no wonder it first looked like some one had chosen very shitty colors :)

What would be nice is that the glitchy track would be synced to the glitchy graphics. There was some, but I'd take it further. Same noise generator making textures and audio noise and so on...

The foggy ending part with flying between huge white columns was just beautiful. More of this, please!
rulez added on the 2007-05-26 18:14:43 by texmex texmex
more music
sucks added on the 2007-05-26 20:11:53 by thec thec
I liked the visuals as well as the soundtrack. Some people here need to broaden their music horizons. It's true : one can use other music than techno or bdrum&bass in demos. I've seen it happen! I know it maybe hard to grasp but some years ago people named this 'an expirement'. Can anyone tell me the exact location of the borderline between music and sound? No? Ok, thought so. What some call music, I call sound and vice versa. It also kinda irritates me that the sarcasm I hoped to see in some posts about this not being a second debris or 828 is completly lacking. Are those people serious? What did you expect? Not to get personal, but this is still a DIY-scene right? So if you want a new Debris : fire up your favourite application and stop wasting time on pouet like I do.

rulez added on the 2007-05-26 20:37:45 by numtek numtek
thumb up against all the idiotic whiners' comments.
rulez added on the 2007-05-26 21:03:41 by dipswitch dipswitch
good visuals. otherwise, nothing special.
added on the 2007-05-27 17:10:03 by jamcar jamcar
good visuals?
sorry guys, but this sucks hardly, no doubt!
and the sound... blah..
i really expected something more better,,,,
sucks added on the 2007-05-28 02:33:45 by NuKem NuKem
not good but not bad either. and I hate noise as soundtrack. piggy.
added on the 2007-05-29 00:47:11 by dimouse dimouse
a mood pice, and i like it. oh yes it does not use pixelshader 3, nor have a funky dnb soundtrack. so what?
rulez added on the 2007-05-29 03:39:49 by abductee abductee
Liked it way more than debris. With some more finetuning this could have been a real (anaglyphic) killer prod.
rulez added on the 2007-06-01 00:10:52 by T$ T$
despite of nice graphics, I can't enjoy this demo due to the lack of music. silence is better for me
added on the 2007-06-01 00:57:19 by pohar pohar
sucks added on the 2007-06-01 15:07:24 by puNky puNky
very cool. indeed.
rulez added on the 2007-06-01 17:29:54 by oldaccount oldaccount
Yeah, audio was boring. Nice visual.
added on the 2007-06-03 04:20:35 by AntDude AntDude
Für die einen ist es Kunst,
für die anderen die langweiligste Demo der Welt.
sucks added on the 2007-06-03 04:31:00 by freeze freeze
I just love the visuals, just love the ambient.
thank you for this! it leaves magic impression. liked it very much, really.
added on the 2007-06-07 16:34:25 by elfh elfh
I liked it. A little boring in places, but it was visually yummy and certainly a nice experience. I wish you'd use larger textures though :\ I guess it's a werkkzeug limitation but blocky textures stand out and ruin the flow of the demo IMO.
rulez added on the 2007-06-07 23:27:41 by polartimecast polartimecast
glop.++. Moebius-ish at block.
So bad I didn't upgrade yet to watch it on a real hardware as it diserves it.
rulez added on the 2007-06-08 00:14:59 by krabob krabob
alienus, there's no technical reason. visu is just very conservative with poly counts and texture sizes.
added on the 2007-06-08 00:32:53 by ryg ryg
Yeah, no technical reason for that here... wanted to keep everything as optimal as possible. Seems like we truly live "High Definition"-times - my biggest concern was to make it run on tolerable speed on my comp.
added on the 2007-06-08 22:32:57 by Visualice Visualice
Looks nice, but boring.
sucks added on the 2007-06-10 22:58:31 by lug00ber lug00ber
its farbrausch so I would have expected more.
added on the 2007-06-16 05:06:02 by Rubicante Rubicante
great atmosphere. hey fabrausch, keep on doin' innovative products. innovation means also to experiment, unassumingly fr-056 is an experiment. thanks for releasing!!
added on the 2007-06-16 11:50:36 by twh twh
forgot to vote :)
rulez added on the 2007-06-16 11:51:03 by twh twh
Ich Will!
rulez added on the 2007-06-16 12:59:33 by moredhel moredhel
rulez added on the 2007-06-16 17:26:01 by dila dila
you either feel it or not. i don't.
sucks added on the 2007-06-16 18:48:50 by apricot apricot
like somebody before me wrote : nice, but a little boring...
added on the 2007-06-19 21:08:15 by habr100 habr100
what is the point of offering 16:10 1920x1200, exactly?
added on the 2007-06-19 22:22:33 by Shifter Shifter
very very very bad music ;(
sucks added on the 2007-06-20 16:54:03 by #535 #535
sucks added on the 2007-07-03 02:10:45 by coma coma
actually a nice trip, with the right glasses on ya nose ;P
soundscape´ísh tune could be more fitting.. with some more syncing maybe.
rulez added on the 2007-07-20 04:37:06 by gentleman gentleman
yes please.
rulez added on the 2007-10-22 19:23:11 by substrate substrate
piggy for being rather uninspired, slow as hell in the scenes until the "smoke tunnel" but nice ambient sound
I don't like marmite
sucks added on the 2007-10-27 20:59:22 by Intrinsic Intrinsic
no opinion on this one
828 is by far better.
added on the 2008-01-24 01:42:30 by zefyros zefyros
Nice trip. Loved the final part.
rulez added on the 2008-04-25 18:40:54 by untel untel
Really cool demo!
rulez added on the 2008-06-30 23:02:45 by d3pth d3pth
What Freeze said but then in reverse.
Especially that last scene is simply ace!
rulez added on the 2008-06-30 23:19:15 by Alpha C Alpha C
Too short, and "music" is a shame. Rest is kickass.
rulez added on the 2008-11-01 00:03:01 by wrthlss wrthlss
rulez added on the 2009-01-12 22:14:04 by pommak pommak
nope. the sounds don´t make it for me.
sucks added on the 2009-01-13 00:12:11 by SiR SiR
to farbraushable!
sucks added on the 2009-03-19 16:30:22 by Sorcerer Sorcerer
rulez added on the 2009-04-15 19:19:29 by texel texel
rulez added on the 2009-05-08 23:36:21 by noby noby
More rausch than farb.
added on the 2009-05-09 00:09:42 by Salinga Salinga
This is why I hate Farbrausch..
rulez added on the 2009-08-10 23:29:28 by pera pera
Not nearly as epic, but in the same spirit as 828.
rulez added on the 2011-04-22 00:56:02 by rutra80 rutra80
The first and last scene looked good, the rest did not. Nice glitchy track too.
added on the 2011-05-28 18:20:11 by Zavie Zavie
I like it
rulez added on the 2011-06-23 17:18:48 by phobium phobium
Has some nice scenes when viewed in 3D - but the "music" isn't what I like at all.

Here's a Youtube for it:
added on the 2011-09-28 11:21:33 by anni anni
The last scene is just sooooo.......brilliant
rulez added on the 2012-01-29 20:49:16 by Frequent Frequent

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