Gianas Return by Giana's Return Team [web]
screenshot added by Kojote on 2009-08-15 22:51:55
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release date : august 2009
release party : Buenzli 2009
compo : alternative demo
ranked : 1st
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popularity : 63%
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added on the 2009-08-15 22:51:55 by Kojote Kojote

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rulez added on the 2009-08-15 22:53:59 by Premium Premium
Absolute great game ! GIANA RULEZ !!!
rulez added on the 2009-08-15 22:54:34 by Chainsaw Chainsaw
Very good, indeed.
rulez added on the 2009-08-15 22:54:55 by mrp- mrp-
Very good!!!!!!!!!!
rulez added on the 2009-08-15 22:57:45 by wiseman wiseman
rulez added on the 2009-08-15 22:59:18 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
execution is flawless, now if only it wasn't a mario clone in 2009, we'd be onto something
and that quote about imitation is vile :)
nostalgic.. cool... thumb!

p.s. there is a new version of Giana Sisters on the Nintendo DS also..
rulez added on the 2009-08-15 23:09:24 by magic magic
hmmmmm.... part of the team myself, but a thumb up can't hurt :D
rulez added on the 2009-08-15 23:14:04 by Kojote Kojote
Appreciate the effort, but it's not up to standard. Controls feel sluggish, and the graphics could have been better.
sucks added on the 2009-08-15 23:17:06 by lug00ber lug00ber
There we go with the first guy who obviously never played the original... :)
added on the 2009-08-15 23:19:09 by Kojote Kojote
yep more than 20 years ago :)
added on the 2009-08-15 23:20:10 by magic magic
great, want a gp2x version :)
rulez added on the 2009-08-15 23:32:59 by grz grz
beauty <3
rulez added on the 2009-08-15 23:43:43 by alk alk
Pretty much meh, such games should be played on C64!
added on the 2009-08-16 00:03:47 by StingRay StingRay
such games should be played on NES
sucks added on the 2009-08-16 00:55:23 by post malone post malone
nice !
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 00:58:04 by Anat Anat
fucking brilliant
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 01:19:56 by elkmoose elkmoose
A big double hooray \o/ for you finally being ready to release it! The game starts with a higher difficulty than the original but that's just what giana sisters cracks may like. Also reading the readme with the controls is a good idea as it won't show up during the game :) Also crabs with claws can be jumped on, this is not wario land! Fucking nice little free game, thanks for producing that gem, it will keep me busy for some time.
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 02:18:08 by Paralax Paralax
DL Link broken ... any other one there ?
pretty cute.
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 05:11:59 by decipher decipher
Well done, nice graphics :)
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 12:12:29 by flure flure
Haven't yet played by myself but looked great on the bigscreen. So big thumbs up for the effort and the implementation
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 12:29:57 by Hopper/SquoQuo Hopper/SquoQuo
nice one!
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 12:39:52 by nosfe nosfe
Cool one!
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 13:00:20 by ltk_tscc ltk_tscc
What lugoober said, and just for the record, I'm able to finish the original in 8 minutes.

Seriously: Art and music are just not that good and don't work together with the game design (most prominent example: the spikes that look like a random background element) and Giana steers like a cow. Unlike the original.
sucks added on the 2009-08-16 13:57:14 by kb_ kb_
Wow, I don't have the time to put back what this must have taken to create.
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 14:09:57 by dila dila
I love the original, this is very nice, but the controls just feel somewhat suboptimal... piggie.
added on the 2009-08-16 14:57:39 by jua jua
The expert may give attention to the txt files comming along with the release, the controls are fully customizeable and also gamepads are supported...
added on the 2009-08-16 15:01:07 by Kojote Kojote
controls/jump physics kind of suck indeed, and the grey spike pissed me off aswell, but I still played the first 14 levels, so that must amount to something.

But level passwords in 2009? You don't have to copy _every_ annoying (and now pointless) game mechanic of the 1980s. ;)
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 15:01:20 by tomaes tomaes
The windows version autosaves, you can also use "continue" in the menu context.

We are already working on fixing the spike issues, as this is something we dont like on our own... :)
added on the 2009-08-16 15:11:38 by Kojote Kojote
I enjoyed playing this but yes the unseen spikes had me twice.
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 18:15:06 by Optimus Optimus
The physic model (if there's one) seems fucked up, it looks like the velocity is clamped.
added on the 2009-08-16 18:37:03 by hitchhikr hitchhikr
what decipher said
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 18:37:54 by xernobyl xernobyl
Haha! Fun. Smoother scrolling would have been nice.
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 19:02:27 by Emod Emod
And it works perfect with WINE on Linux systems!! Great! =:-)
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 20:58:28 by Venty Venty
After playing a few levels I think I've mostly figured out why it feels so wrong:
- first, Giana's look direction should be based on the direction you're steering, not on her velocity
- then, if you run into an object the velocity itself isn't set to zero but Giana is clamped against the obstacle. Try it: run against an obstacle at full speed, then turn around instantly (and jump) - it won't work. This is the main point why the controls suck so much - what you see on screen is not what the code thinks is up.
- also, collision handling is fucked up: stand next to eg. one of the fire barrels, jump, then steer a few pixels to the right. Normally this should make her land next to the fire; but what really happens is that she falls back down, now "stuck" inside the barrel.
- additionally the threshold that determines who's the "winner" of a player/monster collision is way too high. In the original Giana Sisters as well as in every Super Mario games it's basically "if (player.y<monster.y) kill(monster);".

Point is, when simulating simple old jump and run physics, be sure to _make_ it simple. Treat all characters and background as rectangles and use these exact rectangles for collision. Also, make sure what you see on screen is a 1:1 image of the internal state.

And even if you should fix this, my thumb down still stands for one reason: It's nice to have x levels, y soundtracks and z credit screens but you really should focus on getting the basic gameplay mechanics right first. Have _one_ prototype level with basically everything in it and only continue designing the rest of the levels and everything around it if that one level feels right. Which in this case it doesn't because you somehow had completely wrong priorities. Which is not the way to write a sequel to a retro game that tales most of the fun from the refined gameplay - the original was quite a faithful copy of the Mario mechanics and those went through several weeks or even months of testing if I'm not mistaken.
added on the 2009-08-16 21:48:09 by kb_ kb_
finally contructive critism, we will do better in the final :) thanks kb
added on the 2009-08-16 21:58:26 by Kojote Kojote
There is allways a way to do it better and as i see it's 0.99. I just like the game, grafix and especialy the great tunes very mutch. Retrofeeling 101%!!!
rulez added on the 2009-08-16 22:20:30 by robocop robocop
played the first 8 levels. i really like the music. well done! and there is also a good retro-feeling while playing the game. but i also have some comments:

- the water texture doesnt really fit to the rest. looks too much like standard photoshop-texture
- in some levels there is not enough time to explore the whole level including the secret underground ones even if you are very fast
- the grey spikes are annoying, because they are most times invisible on the background
- i think the "physics" are a little bit sluggish while jumping the character. too slow in y-direction and too fast in x-direction so you are most times not able to aim the character to a spot to land on
- this game needs a windowed mode!

but anyway, continue on it. good stuff :))))))

rulez added on the 2009-08-17 01:44:28 by neoman neoman
rulez added on the 2009-08-17 20:20:09 by aha aha
rulez added on the 2009-08-18 01:47:36 by Queen_Luna Queen_Luna
it's nothing new... playable like the original on c64 or amiga... But for the nice work and effort in coding this, the graphics and music...
rulez added on the 2009-09-12 14:54:17 by .. ..
I just managed to reach the very final boss level in the wiz version and I'd have to say:

- Too much "jump precisely in the right pixel, one pixel less you fall, one pixel more you are burned" occasions that in the later level it's really annoying.

- When you loose your life you also loose your rubies. It doesn't make much sense to collect in the later stages. The gameplay mechanic in mario was,. while playing and sometimes loosing, you were slowly slowly collecting some gems. So in a next play you collect the hundredth rubby and occasionally you get some life. Here, you definitely will not manage in the harder levels to get a life and everytime you start there aren't even there the rubbies you have taken. I can't explain it but it makes it senseless to gather rubbies. In mario you had that last revelation, to have no life but 98 coins and after a lot of loses to gain another life. You collected the coins after many looses and it made sense..

Also,. in the very last level (56 I think) there is a final boss, some kind of blob running in floating water and you have to run fast to the right. There is a place where your jump just doesn't make it. A long area with water, then nails then fire ascending and no up area to jump from there. Is there an invisible platform or some secret? (I should have asked this maybe in a game forum but the website of this game is currently down :P)
added on the 2009-09-30 22:27:40 by Optimus Optimus
The game is indeed a bit hard on jumps, but everything is doable. It's just about getting a feeling for it.

According to your theory, if Giana dies with all possible power ups, you should start with all those powers again? Collecting rubies makes sense, after all you get points for it, which you'll not lose. Also there are several hidden bonus caves, so things will add up. Our beta tester can complete most of the levels without a single scratch.

If you would read what Swampy tells you before he chases you... you'll know how to uncover the "secret" :)
added on the 2009-10-01 00:35:00 by Kojote Kojote
Yes, I guess I didn't read his hint. I was just pressing fire to move the text forward manicly (Heh,. do I ever read story in games? :P)

Strange. I ran the original C64 version of giana sisters (also the 32k remake too) and these are the ones that have the cow sluggish movement. The new game is better at this :)
added on the 2009-10-04 22:57:27 by Optimus Optimus
Forgot thumbing this marvellous piece of devotion and reawakened memories
rulez added on the 2009-12-27 00:23:47 by T$ T$
Been playing the latest version on my dreamcast today - lots of fun. Considering that the game is the same standard of other indie/modern DC games that are being *sold* and this is freeware, I'm really impressed. Looking forward to the final - keep up the good work guys!
rulez added on the 2010-02-11 00:14:00 by Heavy Stylus Heavy Stylus
rulez added on the 2010-10-25 17:06:53 by Mulle Mulle
made me play a while and forget my little problems.. thank's for reinvoking giana.. loved that game ( like so many people :) )..
rulez added on the 2011-01-09 19:20:38 by mad mad
Thanks for making this. Its beautiful.
BTW. Ver. 1.0 is out, containing a few fixes and additions
rulez added on the 2011-01-10 15:24:47 by CONS CONS
I played version 1.001 until the second desert level. It is great. In the 1990s this could have been released as a commercial game for 16 bit video gaming consoles.
rulez added on the 2012-09-07 15:13:56 by Adok Adok

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