MDMOD Player by Titan [web]
screenshot added by alk on 2022-09-17 23:58:42
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release date : september 2022
release party : Nordlicht 2022
compo : wild demo
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added on the 2022-09-17 23:58:42 by alk alk

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TiTAN sucks!
have to try this on my megadrive
rulez added on the 2022-09-18 00:07:19 by psenough psenough
ohhh yeah !!!
rulez added on the 2022-09-18 00:16:58 by emuSP1200 emuSP1200
Of course!
rulez added on the 2022-09-18 00:25:29 by ham ham
rulez added on the 2022-09-18 00:50:54 by Saga Musix Saga Musix
Just So You Know:

This is not only a music disk but also MOD player - there's a builder included to make ROM which plays your MOD files 🎮🎵

BB Image
added on the 2022-09-18 01:05:15 by alk alk
Jaw, meet floor. This is extremely cool.

Works a treat in the BlastEM emulator!
rulez added on the 2022-09-18 12:04:06 by Mibri Mibri
rulez added on the 2022-09-18 15:42:33 by xeron xeron
rulez added on the 2022-09-19 10:10:22 by sachy sachy
Like a dream becoming true. I've repaired my MD this summer and so into this.
rulez added on the 2022-09-19 12:01:30 by krabob krabob
Really cool!
rulez added on the 2022-09-19 13:30:11 by STRANGER/HMD^DLG STRANGER/HMD^DLG
Wow. Excellent re-player with a decent mix rate (sounding great on a recapped VA1 motherboard). I didn't expect the tool to be HTML based. Tiiiiiitaaaaannn!
rulez added on the 2022-09-19 16:18:50 by cTrix cTrix
Titan completely owns the MD/Genesis... no competition at all.
rulez added on the 2022-09-19 21:54:36 by deathy deathy
rulez added on the 2022-09-19 22:04:30 by Cadavre Cadavre
nice work.. Mods on YM2612 =DD
rulez added on the 2022-09-19 22:23:27 by cz^api cz^api
What is there to say except for "this rules"? These mods sound really, really good. Also, here's an online version of the musicdisk ROM builder, courtesy of David (formerly) from Catskull Electronics.

rulez added on the 2022-09-19 22:25:18 by Morden Morden
Cheers! Thank you for the party.
added on the 2022-09-19 23:57:12 by jdb78 jdb78
Damn, forgot the thumb :D
rulez added on the 2022-09-20 00:01:01 by jdb78 jdb78
Such a clean sound, amazing stuff
rulez added on the 2022-09-20 00:32:46 by BigEvilCorp BigEvilCorp
rulez added on the 2022-09-20 04:56:36 by Negostrike Negostrike
Rulez hard!! Powerful music by all contributors and crystal clear sample playback thanks to Kabuto's custom made .mod replayer routine. A masterpiece!
rulez added on the 2022-09-20 17:45:22 by SunSpire SunSpire
Pure demoscene vibes with excellent tunes and presentation
rulez added on the 2022-09-20 22:14:54 by exocet exocet
rulez added on the 2022-09-21 07:09:55 by goto800 goto800
For anyone who doesn't have a Mega Drive, here's a complete Youtube capture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUD9-nAIoXQ
added on the 2022-09-27 03:55:18 by alk alk
Great stuff
rulez added on the 2022-09-27 19:44:25 by bitl bitl
rulez added on the 2022-09-27 20:33:30 by Emod Emod
I tested it on an FPGA, it looks awesome. Also I created a rom with the toy story mod music, (the one made for toy story menu, for MD/Genesis).
rulez added on the 2022-09-30 22:37:23 by Mills Mills
Nice one!
rulez added on the 2022-10-04 15:21:52 by violator violator
Another Amiga v. MegaDrive playground argument falls by the wayside.

Great work!
rulez added on the 2022-10-05 22:26:21 by CoffeeNinja CoffeeNinja
Wow, this is really cool !!! I would give five thumbs-up if i could. Already tried it with alot of Amiga mods and it works great. In BlastEm emulator it also sounds great, in KEGA Fusion not so good. Haven't tried it on my real MegaDrive, but i will soon. One question - does it matter, if the console is PAL or NTSC? Seems to work with both, but i mean because of the playing-speed of the tunes. Or can the player autodetect the console-region and then adjust the speed automatically?
rulez added on the 2022-10-06 04:25:04 by AW87 AW87
PAL or NTSC does not matter - if you add a region switch to your MD, it will only change the video standard, not the internal clock rates; the internal player runs independent of the video output so it'll sound exactly the same.

MDs that were originally PAL and those that were originally NTSC however have slightly different master clock rates and so pitch/speed will be slightly different between both, just like a record spinning a little bit faster/slower. The number of samples per song tick will still be the same for both of course so songs that use long samples with vocals etc. exactly synced to song ticks it will still work fine in either case.

I did not add a PAL/NTSC check for adjusting song pitch since many MDs are region modded these days and while you can detect the current region, it's impossible to detect the master clock frequency. Any auto adjustment could thus end up going in the wrong direction.
added on the 2022-10-06 13:27:21 by Kabuto Kabuto
dope bops all the way!
rulez added on the 2022-10-06 21:56:02 by iLKke iLKke
Rulez of course.
rulez added on the 2022-10-06 23:14:58 by gaspode gaspode
no thumb yet? shame on me
TiTAN forever!
rulez added on the 2022-10-07 03:33:01 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
I've just uploaded a video of this MDMOD player playing 29 MODs, comprising the MODs that make up off1k's 'Amiga Music: Jungle / Drum & Bass Compilation #2', a few cTrix / H0ffman / cTrix & H0ffman MODs, and the Sidewinder MODs that make up the DX-Ball 2 Complete Soundtrack.

Here it is (links to artist pages are in the description):


It's great and impressive to be able to play Amiga MOD music on the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis platform! (BlastEm emulator in this case, even though I own 4 Mega Drive / Genesis consoles). Respect to the people who made this!

There are however some playback issues that could perhaps be fixed for an updated version (such as some wrong notes e.g. Temple of Sun Remix, timing issues e.g. Blackbreak, and clipping regardless of emulator volume setting e.g. Junglelism) and the Music Disk tool didn't even accept cTrix's 'Thanks Roy' and 'Dreamtaastic', claiming they weren't ProTracker 2.3 MOD files.

I also had to boost the volume by a total of 20dB (!) on top of all Windows volumes at maximum - 18dB (!) boost in the emulator and a further 2dB boost in OBS, to get up to just below clip. Is the low volume a limitation of the player's software mixer?
added on the 2022-10-09 14:52:55 by RWL RWL
RWL: yes, we plan to make a bugfix release at some point to fix bugs we found so far. I will look into all the bugs you (and others) post, tackling one after another.

Regarding the files that were not acepted: This was just meant to be a player for Amiga ProTracker MODs. Those 2 that were rejected are PC MODs that use period values (notes) not supported by ProTracker. I might or might not add support for them. But it's a can of worms - just allowing for more frequencies could break Amiga MODs that rely on ProTracker's limits. Also, effects in PC MODs might work differently, someone with more experience would need to help me with this. And I'm not aware of any reliable way of detecting what platform a MOD file was made for in the first place.

Temple of Sun Remix has a related issue, it seems to be a PC MOD as well - even though it stays within ProTracker's note range, its highest note (B-3) is out of range of notes that OCS Amigas can reliably play so I also restricted my player to that. This one is easy to fix in my player, but I really hope that there are no songs that rely on the glitchy playback of B-3 and would thus break...

The volume limit you saw is indeed a technical limitation. Mega Drives have 10 sound channels, only one of which is used (the one that can play PCM). Emulators probably set 100% = the theoretical maximum of all 10 channels at peak, so a single channel will be at 10% amplitude = -20 dB. And even then many MOD files don't exceed 50% of the theoretical maximum amplitude. But some do so better play it safe ;)

Btw there are tricks for boosting the volume on Mega Drives via an undocumented register. But it comes with drawbacks - increased jitter and 5x ladder effect distortion on MD 1. Just turning up the volume a bit is probably the better choice IMHO.
added on the 2022-10-09 20:55:19 by Kabuto Kabuto
I also made alot of MD-cartridges in the last days, full of the best Amiga mods. This player here is really fantastic. Very good work!!! Some things i found out.

There exists a few Amiga mods, that have something like a stop-commando at the end of the song (the characters B2A in one of the four tracks for example). Such a mod then will not restart by itself, in the Protracker, when it has run through, like the most other mods do. That is not a problem in Protracker, when a mod stops at the end, but it is one, here in the MDmod player, because then the next song doesn't start automatically and the player must start it with A button. I had such a case twice and then changed it manually in the two modules by removing this stop command in the protracker by "edit" and then saved the changed mod again. This solved the problem. Perhaps this can also be solved in such a way, that the MDmod-player simply does not pay attention to such stop-commands or simply ignores them, because then you would not have to manually correct every module that has such as problem in the Protracker?

I also discovered one mod so far, that stopped in the middle of the song and the player seemed to hang up then. This file had the name "Fairlight2" in my archiv, but I'm not sure, if that's the correct name of this song. It runs normally in Protracker by the way, so it doesn't seem to be a broken file, but more like some kind of incompatibility with the MDmod player, it seems. I deleted this file then and made this musicdisk again. So there are some small problems left, but all in all, really a superb player. Could you maybe develop a similar mod-player for Super Nintendo in the future, that would be great? :)
added on the 2022-10-10 00:47:58 by AW87 AW87
AW87: Thanks for reporting these issues.

The first one was easy to fix. Stupid bug in the endless loop detector, it did not trigger in the particular case of the song looping endlessly on a single row.

Can you please send me the song causing the player to hang, e.g. per Discord? (Kabuto#7713) I found a song with that name song but that one plays just fine for me so yours might be different...
added on the 2022-10-10 22:06:06 by Kabuto Kabuto
Kabuto - i simply uploaded this mod to XUP for you. Guess the real name of this song is different, therefore we can not find it in the internet. This mod hangs in second 19, when played on the MDmod-Player. You then hear a continuous tone and then nothing works, while in Protracker it goes all the way through. Look here:
Grab it fast, link will delete automatically, in some days.
added on the 2022-10-11 02:21:22 by AW87 AW87
The dreaded EFx command! Thanks for the file, one bug less.
added on the 2022-10-11 19:00:43 by Kabuto Kabuto
Nice that you could fix both problems. :) One last question. From the technical side, do you think, such a similar working Mod-Player could also be possible for the Super-NES and if yes, is there a chance, that you develop something like this, in the future? I love the SNES as much as the Mega-Drive, both are very good consoles with alot of superb games.
added on the 2022-10-12 00:07:46 by AW87 AW87
@Kabuto, one suggestion more, i would have, this time a new switchable function for the expert-mode of the mod-converter. A "no pause between tracks" feature would really be cool and senseful. Background is the following - i have converted the tunes from a few more Amiga productions, for example the musicdisk "8-Bit Jungle" and the music for the demo "Jesus on E's" and in both productions, there are different mods on the one hand, but on the other hand, it sounds like a continuous tune (like only one big single track), because there is no pause between the single mods and the user doesn't even hear, where one track ends and the next begins. In my two converted cartridges now, however, there is always a small pause of about one second between the tracks, which in this case is a bit disturbing then, cause the next track always starts where the other track ends and the transition is fluid, in the original productions. To realize that also in the MD-cartridge then, such a switchable "no pause between the tracks" would be cool.
added on the 2022-10-17 02:29:30 by AW87 AW87
regarding the SNES, I don't think APU/DSP-based mixing is an option (due to strong filtering/compression/limited bandwidth), leaving mixing to the main CPU. At least the APU can be abused for resampling so you can choose an arbitrary mixer output rate (unlike the MD where it needs to be a fraction of 52.8 kHz to sound well, this is why I chose 26.4 kHz. Just feasible, the next step would be twice that and definitely impossible).

The SNES' main CPU is quite a bit slower than the MD's in general, though architectures differ a lot so it's difficult for me to make a prediction. You'll need a lot of tricks for sure to reach a decent samplerate. Maybe get some inspiration from sample mixer routines of C64 tunes? They sound pretty decent and the CPU is very similar. But they might have restrictions that could be a no-go for a MOD mixer too.

So no idea. A SNES expert should have a look into this.


Regarding pauses: this is mostly caused by song length scanning. It's required for determining the song length and where a song ends, even if it does not end "naturally" by rolling beyond the last pattern or jumping to the first pattern.

Maybe such an option would be possible if all your songs ends naturally and you're okay with not having a total playtime shown.
added on the 2022-10-17 19:34:39 by Kabuto Kabuto
@Kabuto, regarding the SNES - okay, understand. I already expected, that this will be technically very different from the Mega-Drive and could therefore be problematic. Then the users sadly have to do without such a cool mod-player in the nearer future. But as you have already written, maybe some SNES expert will take up this topic again at some point in the future. It would definitely be great, then i could play Amiga mods with both consoles.

To the "no pause" thing - ah, the scanning of the song-lengths causes this, okay. I am not 100% sure, what you exactly mean with "if all songs end naturally", if you mean some kind of a letters and numbers, that must be written in one of the four tracks of a mod (I guess). I so, the user could also change this in certain mods with the Protracker (like i did it before, with certain mods that stopped the player).

I think, not seeing the total playtime would be tolerable, at least it's the lesser evil when it comes to cases like the two described (Jesus on E's and 8-Bit Jungle), where there is a smooth and inaudible transition between all the songs in the original Amiga-software. In such cases, i would enable a "no pause" function when converting. In normal cases, with different successive songs, that are not related, I would not turn on this function when converting. But having it selectable, for such special cases, would be a good thing, in my opinion.
added on the 2022-10-17 22:27:22 by AW87 AW87
w000t, me like
rulez added on the 2022-10-24 13:59:23 by Jobj Jobj
Thanks for the reply Kabuto :) Do you think this could be spun off into a Mega CD S3M/IT/XM player? The RF5C164 8-channel PCM chip in the Mega CD could surely play an 8-channel S3M directly. How possible would it be to software-mix a 28-channel IT or a 32-channel XM, with each of the RF5C164's 8 hardware channels streaming 3 or 4 software-mixed channels? The 7.6MHz and 12.5MHz 68000s could work together, and there's also 512KB of RAM (quadruple the Mega Drive's 64K). Just an idea I had!
added on the 2022-10-28 00:37:56 by RWL RWL
@RWL MD+MCD has a lot of features but it sounds like it's tricky to work with too. But playing an 8-channel track should be well possible with that PCM chip with some CPU support (feeding samples to that chip's work RAM, patching samples so they don't use byte 255 and loop prematurely, etc.).

AFAIK software-mixing multiple channels into one hardware channel would only gain speed benefits if they all play at the same volume level or note, otherwise you could just mix all channels by software in the first place. I doubt that you'd get 32 channels at a decent sample rate that way. 16-ish kHz might still work.
added on the 2022-10-28 14:15:29 by Kabuto Kabuto
A long way from the Toy Story title screen. Sega does!
rulez added on the 2022-10-28 16:50:08 by Shiru Shiru
Has the online-converter for the mods, already been updated to the newer version, that fixes some of the errors described here, or is it still the old version?
added on the 2022-11-11 23:37:58 by AW87 AW87
It's still the old version, behind-the-scenes work is slower than expected. We'll post some kind of announcement when the update is ready.
added on the 2022-11-15 14:41:04 by Kabuto Kabuto
This is absolutely insane, only discovered now but jesus... amazing work!

Any chance of elaborating on the easter egg? I found it, but does that button combo on fade relate to another TiTAN prod?
rulez added on the 2022-12-12 23:12:09 by Shaneus Shaneus
Haha, thanks + congrats on the discovery Shaneus! No extra clues I'm afraid :')
added on the 2022-12-31 07:17:31 by alk alk
rulez added on the 2023-02-10 04:24:06 by vLK vLK
Sorry if already asked (and sorry if the answer is obvious, I'm not very technical): Could this be coupled with FM and PSG, even if it took all available CPU time to do it? It would be a dream to have four high quality PCM channels with pitch control and looping samples to work with alongside five FM ones. As for the demo, impressively clean and stable sound for the platform, especially with how high the sample rate is and the whole "casually playing Amiga modules" thing.
rulez added on the 2023-07-17 14:55:17 by tapekeep tapekeep
just revisited this again and i still love it. TiTAN forever!

would it be easy to modify to play my favorite protracker mods with it in a SEGA emu?
added on the 2023-11-30 22:44:54 by vLK vLK
just revisited this again and i still love it. TiTAN forever!

would it be easy to modify to play my favorite protracker mods with it in a SEGA emu?

See comment from alk:
"This is not only a music disk but also MOD player - there's a builder included to make ROM which plays your MOD files"
added on the 2023-12-01 12:03:05 by teo teo
As I told you, Kabuto, this is an amazing, CRYSTAL CLEAR job!
And the main mod-play screen is also very colorfull and gives a great Amiga-like feeling!
ConratuRations and arigatou gozaimashita! ;)
rulez added on the 2023-12-01 16:08:48 by sim sim

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