Enraged by Avena [web] & Digital Chaos

                      AVENA & DIGITAL CHAOS
                      FRIED BITS #3 "THING"
This is line 3.
This isn't. 
Yes, we have done it !!! It's ready. So what.

"More bugs than the KGB"
"Bigger than a very big thing and too complicated
   for our feeble brains"

Hint: To leave the Demo you can usually press UNDO

This Demo contains nearly all Avena's effects since 'Dementia'.
Thanxs must go to: Coca Cola, Motorola, Mc Donald's
                   ALDI (esp. Chateau Feine Weisse)
                Working sucks. Coding rules.
                Socks smell. Arne has bad wind. 
                Send us all your money !!!         

We don't know whether Avena will make another demo.
Digital Chaos will make another demo
We are working on the assembler.
Penguins are adorable.
Jesus built my car. It's a love-affair, mainly Jesus and
my hot-rod.
Eines Tages wird er Euch alle holen, der CUX-LH

(Fried) and Jet say:                        

                   GUTEN TAG                                                                                   

SENSIBLE BIT?:                                           
P.S:     This demo still has bugs in.
          Don't wait for a better version. You'll 
          never see one.
P.P.S:   The module is not packed: it wasn't worth it
P.P.P.S:  We apologise for all of the above, but
          at least the demo is "ready"

11.5.95 Avena and DC, Jet's Room, Hamburg