fr-036: zeitmaschine by Farbrausch [web]


cp       gfx
paniq    music & additional gfx

made using the werkkzeug by
 dierk.chaos.ohlerich & thomas.fiver2.mahlke

thanks to ryg & wayfinder for help, ideas
and helping ideas.

hi, this is paniq speaking. the source of 
the idea for this demo shall be a mistery,
but we're glad to reveal a few of the 
techniques we used in this production.
basically we did the base of the visuals
first, then did a test run with buzz and
a few hacked plugins to see if it was 
possible to get an 1:1 working synchro-
nization to the images which we prerecorded
to an .avi file.
the test was successful, so we started
the real work, which was basically working
like a feedback loop: me accompanying cp's
stunning visuals with an appropriate sound-
track and cp trying to compensate my
pretentious musical excursions (musical?
never mind).
so, as always (or as it always should be),
this was a work of skill and a piece of
amateurish experiments at the same time.

greets stutter out to:
salva mea aka the tum kru, die wissenden,
die guten, madwizards (for gods sake), the
bünzli guys, the geekcamp team (hello 
topy44!), stockholm syndrome, black maiden,
albert hofmann, smash designs, scoopex,
creators, apocalypse inc., mfx, haujobb,
fan, oxyron, the scala family and those we