Candy Sniper by PlayPsyCo [web]

"Candy Sniper"
By PlayPsyCo & IFB

the without whoom department:
stgenius: graphics/models
 zapchud: music/graphics
  datsua: code/models

the hardware needed:
- a sound card
- ati radeon 9700 or greater (with a recent driver)
  i.e. no nvidia support because we're
  lazy bastards without nvidia hw.

about the demo:
this demo is mostly tg04 leftovers :)
we had a few ideas that didn't fit
the feel we were going for at easter
time. thus we had a need for releasing
yet another demo this year.

a special greeting:
we would like to thank GiN
for not using Zapchuds music
and instead give us permission
to "abuse" it.

and,.. yes,..
happy new year to all demosceners!