Lick and Feel by tAAt [web]

-------------------------------   tAAt  2005   -------------------------------

Lick And Feel

The world's first virtually universally accessible demo.

Start the demo with command line parameter 'w' as follows, if
you want to run it in window:
	LickAndFeel w
By default it runs in full screen mode.

The demo requires and uses the speech feature of Windows (XP).
For optimal enjoyment:
1) Make sure that the selected voice is the default (Sam),
2) Verify that the Voice speed is set to center (Normal) in the
   "Control Panel->Speech->Text To Speech->Voice speed" setting.

Full script, including flat panel version, is included in
LickAndFeel-FullScript.txt file.

                         ,xxx,                    .xx,
     .,.               .x½½½½½½.                 ,½½½½½,             .,.
    x½½½;,            .½½½P~%½½½.               ,½½½XX½½,          ,::½½,
  .,½½½½;:,         ,;½½½P' .%½½½,             ,½½½P;;X½½p,     ..,:::½½½,...
   ½½½½;:        .½½½½P;;      ;½½½½"       ,½½½½P   `::X½½½½,      ::;½½½
  :½½½½;::      ,½½½½P;;        ;½½½½.     .½½½½P     `::X½½½½,     ::;½½½x
    ~%½½½;:.   :½½½½P;;          %½½½½.   .½½½½P       `::Xx½½½;      :;lXXxX.
        `"~     ~~~~''            `~"~     """"          ~~~~~~         `~~~`
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