Origami by Faemiyah [web]

  Origami	-	Entry for 64k introcompo at Assembly 2005

Graphics code and intro structure:	Trilkk (Tatu Kilappa) <trilkk@iki.fi>
Software synthetizer and music:		Juippi (Juho Heikkinen)
Fold effect, fractal code and misc:	Warma (Vantte Kilappa)

Greets in the intro.

Proved to work with a ~1500Mhz Athlon with a GeForce3. Your mileage may vary.
If this package contained no source code, there should be another that does.
Failing that, you can contact the authors.

The intro compiles on all major platforms including Windows, Linux and
FreeBSD. There are some endianness bugs, that cause loss of sound and
introduce some glitches on little-endian machines such as... anything besides
x86 and alpha.

The precalc time _is_ humongous. Please wait.

Thank you.


Voi "&%#WY"%¤Y"W%¤W%¤5we4y kun meni taas tiukalle. 7min deadlineen ja pitihän
sitä paikata myöhemmin.