Black Glass 2 by Renaissance

            -=- "Black Glass ][" Vector Demo - Renaissance 7/18/92 -=-
         -=- Demo Coded By Tran þ Awesome Music By Mosaic & C.C.Catch -=-

      - 386 Processor Or Better
      - VGA Graphics
      - SoundBlaster/SoundBlaster Pro (Optional)

Black Glass ][ is the first demo to use our new Digital/FM music driver... In
fact, it is also a player for our new .670 music format. As more .670 files
become available, you will be able to play them with Black Glass ][ by simply
adding the music name on the command line. See OTHERMUZ.BAT for an example.

IMPORTANT!! - You Must NOT Have Any Expanded/Extended Memory Managers Loaded
              In Order To Run This Demo. This includes QEMM, EMM386, 386^MAX,
              and HIMEM. This is not bad coding, this is due to the fact that
              only one program can take hold of 386 32-bit Protected mode at
              one time. If you have some sort of a Memory Manager loaded, you
              will get the message "SYSTEM ALREADY IN V86 MODE!!!". In this
              case, make yourself a bootup disk, and boot off that before
              running the demo or use CBT. I know this is annoying but it is
              DEFINITELY worth it!

Included is a file called CBT.COM which you can run in order to save you some
time with this demo. It will reboot your computer with a clean CONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT then you can reboot and your PC will be back to normal.

      Check Out REN-92.NFO for information about Renaissance.... Later.

                                                -- Daredevil