Camden Town by PlayPsyCo [web] & kvasigen [web]

"Camden Town"
By PlayPsyCo vs Kvasigen
Released at The Gathering 2008

the without whoom department:
  datsua ^ code
eladamri ^ music
stgenius ^ modelling

the hardware checklist:
[y] CPU
[y] FPU
[n] GPU
[y] MMU
[y] SPU

PlayPsyCo celebrates it's 10th aniversary this year. Because of this
we found it apropriate to go down 16-bit memory lane.

And,.. Once in a while it's good to do something without clogging the GPU :^)
I.e. we wanted to feel the "limits" of software rendering once again.

Tested on machines with CPU's, sound cards and display adaptors.

* loading takes forever on some PC's

-[special greetings]-------------------------------------------------
* blueberry, kusma, loaderr0r, slummy & spookysys for the software rendering
  discussions and tips.
* to all who had to endure me(datsua) ranting about half spaces, triangle
  fillers etc.
* mad props to all the graffiti artists in the world