fr-033: like there's no tomorrow by Farbrausch [web]

fr-033: like there's no tomorrow
the official invitation to breakpoint 2010.

chaos, fiver2, gizmo, kb, ryg, tron

guest starring ronny, zokk, amoivikos, im, visualice, paniq,
sarah hill, tiberius, mike may, wayfinder, little bitchard,
chromag and 1in10. (sorry folks for ripping your stuff without
even asking for permission first - this was done in a hurry)

ps3.0 graphics card, 2gb ram. probably runs with less - we
haven't tried.


a very special message to everyone who wanted us to do a
popular demo 2 or debris 2: congratulations, you got your wish!
farbrausch - "was ihr wollt wird serviert", since 2000.

(funny, even the fr-number works out perfectly. what a nice
coincidence. *chuckle*).


this demo started out as something of a joke between chaos,
kb and ryg on the way back from tum 2009. but at some point
we realized that it could actually work and decided to give
it a shot. it's worked out better than expected.

let's do that again sometime!

-ryg, march 2nd, 2010, one month before the party.