Spacebender by Aardbei [web]

Spacebender by snq/aardbei
1k Windows intro

Put your bass on 11 and enjoy :)
For optimal experience, sit close to your screen and don't quit until you feel sick.

All versions have been tested on Windows 7 and 8 with a Radeon 6870.
Safe versions should work on Vista and XP too but you won't get your money back if they don't.
Compo versions music will skip if your framerate drops too much.

 Shader model 3.0
 d3dx9_30.dll, which everybody who ever watched a 1k intro should have.

Stats (1280x720 compo version):
 Code 296 bytes
 Data 413 bytes
 Overhead 297 bytes

Compo versions are packed with a hex edited version of Crinkler 1.4.
Safe versions are packed with regular Crinkler 1.4, and don't use any of my hacky tricks ;)

Contact: n111co at hotmail dot com