Tides by The Cronies

Prod:    Tides
Type:    256 byte
OS:      None / GRUB2 (if you want to consider that an OS)
Author:  orbitaldecay/cronies
Contact: orbitaldecay@gmail.com
Date:    01/09/2016

Hello all. What we have here is a 256 byte multiboot kernel for Synchrony 2016!
You'll need a multiboot compatible bootloader to run it. GRUB2 will do nicely.
To run it, save it to your harddrive (/boot is easiest if you're running Linux).
Then reboot the machine. When the GRUB2 menu comes up, press C to enter command
line mode. Then you'll need to boot the kernel manually. It usually goes
something like

    multiboot (hd0,msdos1)/path/to/tides.img
If you put it in /boot, sometimes the boot directory has its own partition. In
this case you'd just enter

    multiboot (hd0,msdos1)/tides.img
GRUB2 has tab completion, and you may need to use it in order to dig around for
the proper partition and directory. It should also work if you save it to a NTFS
partition, but I haven't tested this. Once you get it running, hit escape to
reboot! If you have any trouble getting it running, just e-mail me and I'll help
you sort it out :) If all else fails, watch the video at


Special thanks go out to the Synchrony party organizers. You guys seriously
rock. Greets to jmph, sensenstahl, YOLP, frag, and all the other cool kids. You
know who you are...