Dbug's oldskool by Defence Force [web]

└──────────┬─┘ made for the #codefr compo...│
       ║(c) year 2000 ╠╗

Here it is, my participation for the week-end compo.
It sucks, it's bloody slow, but it works.

It should work under Win95/98/2000 with Direct X.

I'm still waiting for the apocalypse :)


- All code by Dbug
- Character set (RockFont) by Chromix (NeXT/CAT)
- Music shamely ripped from Kenet/Ribbon site from an original 
theme by Scavenger/Synergy... Sorry !

			Dbug Y2K

	Contact: dbug@defence-force.org
	Irc: IrcNet #demofr / #codefr / #pixelfr     Nick: _Dbug_