Bexagon (Party version) by Bello Games [web]

Bello games (bellogames.atari.org)

b e x a g o n
(party version)

sh3..............code, proper gfx
ggn..............generated gfx, bello basic, upcoming falcon port
broke for free...music (tune: calm the fuck down, released under CC BY 3.0
                              license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/))

this game is released under a "don't be a twat" license, meaning you're free to take a copy from our website or anywhere
we choose to post it (such as atari age or some demo party release or whatevs) but don't do obviously scummy things with it
like making carts or CDs to sell or "give away".

Doing any of that stuff we don't like won't mean we'll suddenly stop making and giving away whatever we choose, but it might
piss us off a bit... and then we'll have to decide whether or not it's worth dispatching a team of semi-retired incontinent
ninjas to sneak into the homes of you and your loved ones to shit in your cart slots. 64-bit meets torrents of shit - you
don't want this. tl;dr - don't be a twat - it's right there at the start.

As it says on top, this is a party version, released at Outline 2017 demo party. so it's not by any means final. if you do
choose to buy this on cart then you're probably going to be disappointed much when the final version comes out.