Elektroboy Inside by Smoke

        elektroboy inside


        smoke rappin' posse

        devotion   ....  mainkodi
        fndr       ....  multimusikki&designi&cg
        thor       ....  piksels

        wouldn't try this one on an 030
	req 8mb fast
	on 060 (040?) please run speedychip (by piru)

        thanks to dune (koding-tip) and fash (060)

        reach us (not for stupid reasons) at:

        smoke_fanmail@hotmail.com    ....   (for the stupid reasons)
        devotion_fake@hotmail.com    ....   (thor)
        fender@one.se                ....   (devotion)
        nils.borin@fermmek.se        ....   (fndr)

        "wow man maybe i'm crazy -
                 i'm from poland but I've seen captured dreams"

        copyright (c) smoke hooding gang 1997