UniPixelViewer by Devilmarkus

UniPixelViewer by Markus Hohmann

What is it?
It's a tool to quick convert a picture of several formats to PNG format / or to Amstrad CPC format.

Supported native file formats:
  CPS (Eye of the Beholder 1+2, DOS),
  VGA (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark 1+2, DOS),
  SCR (Amstrad CPC 16k and 31k Overscan),
  PAL (Amstrad CPC OCP Art Studio format),
  PAL (DOS, EoB 1+2),
Other formats:
You can theoretically import everything, you can select if this file is 8 bit, or ARGB, or other options, change width and height, offset in file, etc...
Probably you can grab some useful pictures from unknown file formats.


- Import any picture source, fiddle with the settings
- When happy: Click "Export" - You find the exported picture in the app's folder/export.

Quick-guide Amstrad CPC image conversion:
- Import any picture source, fiddle with the settings
- When happy, make sure, your picture is "Trimmed to CPC", if not, do it now
- In "Trim to CPC" mode, you can select "OVS" for 384x272 pixels overscan screen
  or keep it disabled for regular 320x200 pixels
- Enable "CPCize" and select the MODE. (R) stands for Rastered dithering. MODE 2 is NOT supported!
- Fiddle with palette and (B)rightness, (C)ontrast and (G)ain until you like the result
- When you click on "Export", a PNG file is generated, also all required CPC files, which are written on a .DSK image
- You can also load your own DSK file, but only the 190kb sized "DATA 178k" format is supported.
- When you select "Keep until disk is full", the DSK is kept until it's capacity is used.
- When you use UniPixelViewer in the same folder, where you have WinApe installed,
  you can open the emulator from the tool, and it auto-loads the last action  on the DSK file.

Quick-guide Amstrad CPC sprite editor:
- Make sure, your picture is already in CPC format (CPCized), see section "Quick-guide Amstrad CPC image conversion"
- When you see a button "Sprite Grabber", click on it.
- A new window opens which allows you to define the sprite coordinates.
- You can change the position, width and height, also change the number of sprites. (e.g. you want to grab 16 sprites from a picture)
- You can change the GAP bytewise between the sprites for X and Y.
- You see the sprite areas directly in the editor.
- When you are happy with the displayed result, enter a filename in the sprite dialog and click "Generate code"
- All required files are generated, incl. Z80 assembler source and an example RSX command + BASIC file
  also stored to the DSK file.
- The sprite format is simple:
  DB <width>,<height>
  DB <sprdata>,<sprdata>,<sprdata>,<sprdata>,<sprdata>,....

Other things:
- I am sure the program has it's bugs, if so, you find me on Facebook, "Amstradiens" group.
- Feel free to use the "Donate" button, it always motivates me to code updates, new stuff, etc. :-)