C16 plus/4 116

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I am thinking to buy one but not the wrong one.
Which will do better for demos?
I am confused with three models.

Also, what are the transfer options?

I read there are several SD solution for the C64, but will it work for C16 related stuff? (Also, my friend got one SD solution for C64 and I think he had problems with a lot of stuff not working (because of fastloaders I guess)).

In few words, what's the best to start watching demos on this machine. Which of the three machines and what options to transfer and watch demos?
added on the 2014-09-11 12:06:05 by Optimonk Optimonk
For demos get plus/4 or a c16 with 64k memory expansion. The 1541ultimate can be used a standalone device with the c16/+4, or you could just use a regular 1541 drive.
added on the 2014-09-11 12:09:37 by britelite britelite
Oh great, then I'll go for the plus/4.
What bothers me is this 1541ultimate seems to be very expensive.
added on the 2014-09-11 15:15:01 by Optimonk Optimonk
The only real difference is RAM.
C=Plus/4 has 64K
C=16 and C=116 has 16K.

I have one C16 (standard) but also one Plus/4 and C=116 with 64K.
And although I love my C=116 and it rulez, but still You should rather buy the Plus/4 because - despite of 64K RAM - not all demos work on C=116. Hmmm.
C=116 that's a weird name there, hehe. Like the CPC 472.

But yeah, my first bet is to get the 64k, be sure I can run all the demos.

p.s. I still have to mod my AtariXE with 64k. Maybe at Sillyventure I can pay someone to do it for me :)
added on the 2014-09-11 15:37:29 by Optimonk Optimonk
You can add a SID to the plus/4... Could it run C64 stuff that way?
added on the 2014-09-11 15:45:43 by jmph jmph
Could it run C64 stuff that way?

added on the 2014-09-11 16:37:03 by britelite britelite
Quite many demos require a SID card - they might still be available from BSZ if you move quick:

added on the 2014-09-11 16:58:46 by Marq Marq
That's surprising, it's like many CPC demos requiring digiblaster or the new playcity.
Why not stick to the original soundchip? I guess, many C16s democoders came from C64 so they couldn't bare anything less than SID?
added on the 2014-09-11 17:18:28 by Optimonk Optimonk
I loved my Plus/4, until it died. :(
Get +4, but beware of dead machines. Many of sold 264s have dead CPU or TED or both and the chips are very rare and expensive.

As for disk drive you can use normal 1541 or a parallel 1551 drive dedicated for 264 series. SD2IEC work well and 1541U (not II!) too (as a standalone device).
Btw. I recommend a full RAM test before buying. We met a +4 which behaved like it was OK but some programs crashed. Then we found that a certain memory area is defective.

There are also C16s with DIY 64K RAM upgrade. They're compatible with +4 but don't contain those office programs in ROM.
This SD2IEC is more cheap, hope it runs the demos.
But comes in many versions, does the simple version need some soldering? (http://www.sd2iec.co.uk/catalog/c1_p1.html)
Or I can just select one of the other versions, it's just a case of different case? And select appropriate connector of course.
added on the 2014-09-11 17:51:23 by Optimonk Optimonk
As for the Atari XE, Lotharek probably will be on SV.
As for the SidCard, there are programs using this device, or progs for TED. Also, there are prods using both devices. I have a SidCard and I'm really glad, although I prefer the original chip.

Jmph: They are in general very different machines, so no - You cannot use ones programs on another C= model here. Even with the SidCard.
PS: I use with all my C=264 machines a regular 1541 II diskdrive. And it's nice.
A SD2IEC won't work with all demos since they use similar loaders as C64 demos. It's ok for games.
added on the 2014-09-11 18:51:40 by Marq Marq
SD2IEC is fine for singlefilers. Not much else.
Isn't this stuff you can read up on...like wikipedia? Or C64-wiki? :D
added on the 2014-09-11 23:59:57 by Exin Exin
A SD2IEC won't work with all demos since they use similar loaders as C64 demos.

Oh shit.. then I go for the expensive option.
added on the 2014-09-12 01:09:33 by Optimonk Optimonk
Not to forget C=116's keyboard with "calculator keys"...
Some years ago a collegue of mine bought one on ebay: "You said you can code on that machine. So I bought one. Now code something!"
I coded some raster with scroller on that keyboard... NEVER EVER AGAIN!
added on the 2014-09-12 14:44:17 by Danzig Danzig