Demoscene social issues

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* only ok if the bison is in a kinky mood
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out of curiosity. how would one implement a silent space at, say, revsision?
also, i agree with gargaj.

Seperate room away from all the noise of the main party area? At Flashback, there is something similar and it works really well. It works well as a place where people can work in peace on their prods or just a spot where people can browse the net in silence.
added on the 2015-04-22 01:06:16 by mudlord mudlord
Seperate room away from all the noise of the main party area?

Well, that is exactly the question, since separate silent rooms that are not orga area probably don't even exist.
Given the party hall and how much of it is used already, if such places did exist, they would be hard to keep an occasional eye on since they would be away from the main areas.

It can sometimes be much quieter outside--assuming no DJ sessions are going on out there--, but if the weather isn't decent that is also the detriment. (Though plenty jokingly argue the real party is outside anyway.) I think some people stay in their hotel rooms until a certain point if they need to get productions finished and want to avoid the hall atmosphere. Puts you plenty away from everyone else though if you still want some interaction.

Personally I don't mind the hall atmosphere itself, but I will put in my free infodesk ear plugs when I feel I need them.
There is a pretty nice DooM style dungeon under the small building next to the hall, what about that? :o)


Anyway. The "law" we need has been in place for years, in a made up city in a Norwegian childrens book. It makes more sense in Norwegian, but:

The Cardamon Law

... and it works in a childrens book, because mother/father will define and explain what bothers others, and what is nice and kind. now consider that in case of revision, there is a clash of about 1000 different kind of said explanations. "common sense" is not quite as common as you might think, it is actually quite diverse.
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Holy shit! This thread is still active? Hahahaha..
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groepaz: yeah that's the problem with translation. in norwegian the word "bother" is actually a bit more hash and means something similar to torment.

But your point is still valid, I know :)

Also, yes, this thread is still active. I guess that's because a group of people wants the discussion to go on due to it creating awareness of the topics discussed..
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leijaa: Cool, i wanted to to Sweden this year!
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To go, i mean,
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jESSiKA: It cannot end because we will always have social issues. :D
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Exin: Then I suggest you keep your weekends in August free, for now..
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Sounds more like a group of people are procrastinating instead of making demos. :-)
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or we're all very good at the pomodoro technique!
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"I didn't ask for a blow by blow of how you lost your last ounce of masculine pride." made me think of this thread :)
So, what you're saying is that this is a discussion between well adjusted individuals and a bunch of Trevors? ;)
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