Jumalauta 20 years, 18.-20.9.2020

category: parties [glöplog]
Thanks for the stream was a lot of fun.
Party was awesome, thanks you all!

Jumalauta 21 years will be held 27.-29.8.2021 in a new location. Stay tuned for more announcements in spring of 2021.
added on the 2020-09-20 17:47:05 by waffle waffle
New party place already in news: VIKING’s ferry AMORELLA grounded to avoid sinking, passengers evacuation
added on the 2020-09-20 19:19:11 by sauli sauli
you can now relive the compos almost as if you'd have been there!

turbografx-16 compo
compo block 1 (photo, graphics, music)
compo block 2 (wild, demo)
Didn't see this moment coming 20 years ago when me, rjv and Sauli, on a trip to pick up important demoparty supplies from a grocery store, decided to start a joke group and give it the dumbest name possible. It's been a weird ride, and I hope it stays weird!

Awesome party! Thanks to everyone who was there, and to everyone who participated via the Internet. See you next year!
added on the 2020-09-21 08:48:37 by jobe jobe