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... because I released the games to 17-Bit Software back in the 1990s as soon as I finished them, they ended up on the Assassins game disks later on, and I believe they ended up on the TOSEC collection and Revolver certainly ended up on the AUI coverdisks, too! ...

Well, in that case your games already had their fair share of exposure, possibly more than a Gravedigger submission could achieve ;)

Sharing them on the Pouet BBS etc. outside of competitions is fine, though, I'd say. ^^
added on the 2024-06-04 16:40:34 by SunSpire SunSpire
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added on the 2024-06-04 21:30:56 by Gargaj Gargaj
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I think Gargaj is trying to say that I've been on Pouet.net long enough now, I should know better.
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added on the 2024-06-04 23:22:19 by havoc havoc
the rules are not our invention, its been like that forever in the demoscene and with good reason too.
the gravedigger competition is for projects that never seen the light of day (and are probably unfinished). usually people have a lot of those things lying around in their archives, thats why we dont accept remote entries for this particular compo. we dont want to preselect because thats always unfair but can also just show that many in the compo (theres a schedule to keep and we also dont want to bore our visitors to death).

for other competitions, we do accept remotes but please dont post them openly before but mail them to compos<at>demoparty.info instead.

if you want to join us personally or hand them to someone who is actually attending the party you can of course also take part in the gravedigger competition. given what you enter is unreleased yet.

its a good thing to check out the competitions and rules on our website beforehand!
added on the 2024-06-05 00:11:39 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
Understood, wysiwtf :)
added on the 2024-06-05 00:18:03 by Foebane72 Foebane72
Hey fizzer, you coming to Nordlicht this year? I am missing you ;)
added on the 2024-06-05 19:43:44 by Ish Ish
Would it be allowed to buy a regular ticket to upload an entry for the Gravedigger compo to the party system before the party? But then don't come to the party in person? Asking for a friend.
added on the 2024-06-05 20:09:13 by Depeche Depeche
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added on the 2024-06-05 23:41:44 by RbR RbR
Would it be allowed to buy a regular ticket to upload an entry for the Gravedigger compo to the party system before the party? But then don't come to the party in person? Asking for a friend.

while we dont mind sponsoring at all (in fact its quite welcome) im afraid we are not corrupt ;P

how about choosing a compo where remotes are actually allowed?
added on the 2024-06-05 23:45:21 by wysiwtf wysiwtf
Buying a ticket would theoretically grant you a votekey, which you could use to register on the party network to add competition entries and cast votes. However, the party network is only accessible through the local intranet, so you'd still need someone on-site to register the votekey and submit the entry on your behalf.

We usually receive a ton of Gravedigger entries each year and the competition is hard to prepare and execute, since so many different platform are involved. Hence we limited the amount of allowed submissions for it and banning remote entries altogether. All other categories are open for remote submissions, including WILD.
added on the 2024-06-06 04:37:36 by SunSpire SunSpire
added on the 2024-06-06 04:38:30 by SunSpire SunSpire
I think we found a way. :-)
added on the 2024-06-07 21:49:02 by Depeche Depeche
Hi everyone, over many years I have noticed that you always answer like this "it has always worked like this, there are no rules", your community is really fantastic, made up of artists of various calibre, as a child I frequented the warez community (pouet.net is not warez), inside I often found your works, in the distant 90s I spent entire days watching your demos hoping that one day I would meet one of you, you were all my rock stars, I was fascinated and transported by you throughout my young age, I don't regret anything, I'm happy about it, but now, since you are not only great artists but also hackers, you can also respect the wishes of the individual, we are not governments, we are not big tech, we are people humble people who ask for things, I have often expressed my libertarian requests on account management, even in the wrong way, here we are talking about an author who wants to review one of his creations, let him work, maybe soon he will take it to pouet.net, don't be greedy for information, holding back works and people, it's not the right thing, let democracy and freedom express themselves, we'll come to you, let us choose our things freely, for the rest I will continue to follow you.
added on the 2024-06-11 12:31:56 by crackount crackount
Ish, I miss you all too. I'll visit Germany again some day. Have a great time at the party. :)
added on the 2024-06-11 19:32:39 by fizzer fizzer
Let me know if it happens! <3 kiss kiss <3
added on the 2024-06-11 19:59:58 by Ish Ish
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