What are you going to do once the demoscene is dead?

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Well, this is just the logical progression of the other recent threats. so...

As it has been discussed in this BBS, the final death of the demoscene is imminent. Possible reasons are: leaving of coders because they are obselete, scene breaks apart because it is not linked by dead diskmags anymore, people revert to sado maso orgies instead of releasing demos or the demoscene gets outlawed because of a bad self-exposure.

Regardless of the reasons, all former demoscene member will have a lot of additional freetime that has to be filled with something meaningful. What are you going to do?

added on the 2004-07-26 02:12:01 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
p.s.: This is a wakeup call, just imagine the demoscene suddenly dies and you have made no plans for the time after it. What a horror!
added on the 2004-07-26 02:19:56 by Stelthzje Stelthzje
Let's see.. I'll probably sit at home writing guitar riffs.. and then I'd probably go to rock festivals a couple times a year, showing digusting fat people with long hair that I have riffs that can beat their riffs, getting drunk and maybe watching some good bands perform their new stuff.

So basically, I wouldn't notice.
added on the 2004-07-26 02:45:24 by gammawave gammawave
The question is absurd. The demoscene is an organic idea. Ideas can't be killed. As for it being organic, well, it changes over time, and not in the way anyone expects it to. I mean, do you really think that people in 1987 forsaw that we'd end up where we are today? I suspect they would be more likely to imagine a demo like the Equinox State of the Art invitro. It's not that things like that aren't eventually made, it's that the majority of the focus has shifted to 3d and then to where it is now.

I think what people are seeing is, as was mentioned in the BBS thread, a gradual shift away from what the scene WAS to what it IS. Once it gets sufficiently different from what you remember, the whole culture seems gone and you proclaim it dead. I mean, with the advent of email and the internet, people can share ideas and coding tools and pictures without needing to get diskettes mailed to them or necessarily going to parties.

Remember that in the old days when the Demoscene was mentioned in computer magazines, computers themselves were more novelties than they are now. Then, the people who had computers were the ones likely to be interested in the demoscene anyway. Nowadays, there are millions of people with powerful computers, who don't know a thing about them beyond that clicking the mouse button there does something. I doubt the demoscene is numerically any smaller than it used to be.

I don't think the demoscene can die. It will only die when the last person stops caring about making technology do wacky and incredible things. And even here in the US of all places I impressed some of my buddies with The Product, which is four years old now and starting to show its age.

The demoscene is not dying. The demoscene is changing. When it's dead for me, I'll probably focus that extra energy into my career, whatever it is. Or, God willing, a family.
added on the 2004-07-26 02:46:45 by crusader crusader
i will probably come and kill you stelthz, then i will kill all scandinavians to be absolutely sure the demoscene has fucking ended.

then i'll probably die of my crackhabbit and go to hell.
added on the 2004-07-26 03:22:57 by okkie okkie
code some demos and be an original ARTist.
added on the 2004-07-26 03:28:17 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
added on the 2004-07-26 08:38:24 by Gargaj Gargaj
I'm going to lament it in a post on Pouet.

Then I'll probably have a beer.
added on the 2004-07-26 09:35:42 by jobe jobe
Once it's dead, I'll have a long beard and hair, and will tell my grandchildren stories about what was "the scene". Now, I'm telling these stories to my daughter - so, nothing will change (except for the beard/hair).
added on the 2004-07-26 09:54:33 by NeARAZ NeARAZ
What does this shitty thread remind me of? Hmm.. Oh, it must be the other ~20000000000 occasions since ~1990 I've seen people whine about the imminent death of the scene. Guess what? It's STILL ALIVE.

The scene will stay alive as long as there are 2 people doing this shit. And if you don't like the direction(s) the others are taking, who prevents you from doing it your own way? Except of course for the clueless kiddies yelling "oldskool", who can be ignored.

But if we're talking hypothetically.. I'd probably just sit on my ass right here and mess with ROTOR on irc.
added on the 2004-07-26 10:43:49 by break break
i would spend all the free time i would get having wild sex and consuming large amounts of illegal drugs, or maybe just staring at my shoes for endless hours.
also, i could write an opera and starr buzzie as the leading role.
added on the 2004-07-26 11:12:09 by lithis lithis
Participate in the said sado maso orgies, still code a demo or two, read more books and perhaps graduate some day.

Or then I'd sit on IRC, waiting for something to happen.
added on the 2004-07-26 11:34:10 by Preacher Preacher
I will make music until the day I die.
added on the 2004-07-26 11:51:10 by irvin irvin
after the funeral, two (ex-)sceners stand quietly at the chapel...
"so, scene is dead now?"
"yeah, seems so."
"oh well... it was cool."
"yeah, i'll miss it. btw, wanna see one of my new effects?"
"sure, i could make a song for it if you wish."
"yeah, we could make a demo. i heard there's a party coming up in a month or so..."

...once a junkie, always a junkie :)
added on the 2004-07-26 12:24:16 by Gargaj Gargaj
differently phrased, "okay OKAY scene is DEAD, now can i go back to coding this effect already?"
added on the 2004-07-26 12:25:52 by Gargaj Gargaj
watchin' a demo, having a bud.
added on the 2004-07-26 13:00:20 by ekoli ekoli
I will join a paranormal team. I will taste some psychedelic drugs. I will write.
added on the 2004-07-26 13:08:56 by Optimus Optimus
hey guys, gimme a shovel, i'll bury that scene thingie' for ye, just keep on flowing the prods for me to watch 'em 'vry morning...
added on the 2004-07-26 16:40:25 by FooLman FooLman
i guess ill join okkie, and then kill myself before okkie does (im a norwegian)
added on the 2004-07-26 17:08:04 by quisten quisten
Optimus: don't wait the death of the scene to try (psychedelic) drugs.
added on the 2004-07-26 17:46:21 by jb jb
Stelthz, i think you are less interesting troll than Optimus :D

Anyway, I'm going to keep drawing my own self-published comics and trying to sell them at comic convention and going to keep up drawing cg and making 3d stuff and just generally enjoying my life and playing old games with emulator and maybe get
some old console and backupdevice and play all cool games that I haven't played in past...
added on the 2004-07-26 18:32:22 by uns3en_ uns3en_
And yea, work as graphic designer/illustrator/comic artist.
added on the 2004-07-26 18:33:05 by uns3en_ uns3en_
I will plug chips into rats brains, and control it from my pc. They will do all the housework. Then I'll assemble some of their brains and connect all this grey matter to a computer, so i can make a cheap ai. Then my ai will work for me by doing websites and php stuff, while i can keep on coding demos.
added on the 2004-07-26 19:05:28 by stil stil
I will go to demoscene heaven.
added on the 2004-07-26 20:21:00 by radman1 radman1
this discussion has been going on for n years.