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added on the 2005-01-12 17:05:54 by ekoli ekoli
say gloom, are you taking a piss at me here? if you did, it's absolutely fine, but make it more obvious please.
added on the 2005-01-12 17:15:37 by okkie okkie
make demos not war!
Enjoy what ya do and enjoy doing it! Nuff said...
added on the 2005-01-12 18:47:08 by OldSkoOL OldSkoOL
(disclaimer: so is mine. so i guess i know what i'm talking about)

added on the 2005-01-12 19:20:16 by Shifter Shifter
i think that guy drinks a lot.

and ekoli, sausages are pretty artsy for me... =)
added on the 2005-01-12 20:49:38 by nula nula
Ingres was a sausage designer before he paint naked chicks...
added on the 2005-01-12 22:14:34 by doh doh
What was the purpose of drawing a nude chick on canvas in 1782?

Wanking, duh :)
added on the 2005-01-12 22:41:54 by Scali Scali
Demo is art since Melon Dezign.
Art has no practical purpose.
(c) Doh/DRD

added on the 2005-01-12 22:58:24 by oxb oxb
what's not practical about having a good time?
added on the 2005-01-12 23:00:57 by lithis lithis
okkie: huh? no, not at you, you silly dutchman. :)
added on the 2005-01-13 07:43:22 by gloom gloom
I feel some pity for all those people who tell us that demo is pointless. They've got so poor eyes it hurts.
added on the 2005-01-13 09:12:30 by stil stil
gloom: ah ok.. good ^_^

and ehm.. why are we still caring about this whole #modarchive thing?
added on the 2005-01-13 09:52:17 by okkie okkie
i think somebody mentioned traxinspace. boy, that was fun :-)

we *OWNED* the spoken word/poetry charts!
added on the 2005-01-13 13:56:58 by skrebbel skrebbel
>hey do them because they must do it in order to feel complete, a better person within.

I think I was going that way, but lost it somewhere :)

Now, I am seriously planning to find a way making some money with programming or any other job, so this means less time for the scene :(. And I had so much plans, I don't want this to end this way but I have to..
added on the 2005-01-13 14:07:40 by Optimonk Optimonk