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Friggin' awesome.

What is awesome? Seeing GRG will lose everything?
added on the 2009-06-16 13:39:57 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
What is awesome? Seeing GRG will lose everything?

That's the point why Kernel Records is suing and not GRG himself. If they loose the case he won't be personally responsible.
I love how Google Translate mangles the name "Suni" :-)
the violation of law is actually larger than the Sun

Gallefoss however, continued to defend their rights by moving the Sun
added on the 2009-06-16 19:39:30 by gasman gasman
Nice one! :)
...I would say that someone called sun is either gay or... well, gay. =P
added on the 2009-06-17 04:47:19 by xernobyl xernobyl
I'm more impressed with the headline:
Little Money
no longer valid
added on the 2009-06-17 09:35:33 by gloom gloom
Oh no! Even Nine Inch Nails is being produced by Timbaland now!

Trent Reznor also sympathizes with Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer, so not surprising.
added on the 2009-06-17 17:35:33 by --------- ---------
Jesus Christ, the NIN thing was an april's fools joke!
added on the 2009-06-17 17:52:07 by okkie okkie
"Timbaland song theft rose big crying in January 2007."

added on the 2009-06-17 18:33:25 by NoahR NoahR
added on the 2009-06-17 22:27:59 by raer raer
Chris is pretty spot on in that PDF, though the attitude was perhaps a bit childish for such an important document. It wouldn't surprise me if it would have to be rewritten or supplied with similar statements from other experts in the US case.

Good luck to GRG anyway - I really hope Timbaland gets nailed hard for this.
added on the 2009-06-17 22:50:45 by gloom gloom
all the best for glenn in this case, whatever the outcome may be.
added on the 2009-06-17 23:48:56 by dalezy dalezy
added on the 2009-06-18 10:19:53 by Deus Deus
Chris is pretty spot on in that PDF, though the attitude was perhaps a bit childish for such an important document.

Yeah, its a pretty solid analysis until this quote:

The evidence convinces me that the producers heard a musical work through their ownership of Commodore 64 playback technology <..> and realized that it was much more creative and musically accomplished than they could hope to do on their own

Which is a downright ridiculous statement considering who he is targeting (all sample ripping aside).
added on the 2009-06-18 12:00:11 by okkie okkie
okkie: Exactly - childish and stupid thing to say in a legal document.
added on the 2009-06-18 15:46:49 by gloom gloom
and prolly very costly
added on the 2009-06-18 16:21:51 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Does anyone know who wrote this mod. I am pretty sure it's being used on a new jaguar game that's being sold for $80. You can hear it in this video, in the title screen.

added on the 2009-08-07 23:55:04 by ChrisTOS ChrisTOS
Fabrice "Arpegiator" Gillet.
added on the 2009-08-08 00:12:44 by asle asle
Thanks asle :)
added on the 2009-08-08 00:29:05 by ChrisTOS ChrisTOS
One 'GORF' is claiming that he wrote that particular music.

He sells the game he used it in by his group 3DSSS (3D Stooges) for $80 a pop on Atari jaguar.

"I beleive I wrote in my madtracker mod maker ...I can assure you, I did not copy it.....but it does have some similarity in the begining. I've been amusician for over 30 years and am quite capable of composing
my own music. "

It's a total fucking rip. :/

I'm no musician but to my untrained ear that sounds like identical instruments, identical pattern data just with more volume and a quicker tempo.

His excuse sounds pathetic considering the similarities, and his refusal to let people examine the Module makes me think he has something to hide.
added on the 2009-08-08 11:19:01 by Tobermory Tobermory
Yea, you reckon? Hell yeah!

Don't forget - he's selling this game for big money... it's disgusting. Wonder what else is in that game & has been lifted from scene artists? Nothing graphical I'd expect, it looks like some kind of CGA PD game... 64 bits? Atari sucks real hard in 2009.
Plus, the guy is obviously an asshole.
added on the 2009-08-08 11:32:51 by Preacher Preacher

1) The samples sound similar, but then they are quite basic oldschool samples.

2) The pattern data is similar-ish in terms of chord progression and style, but they're clearly different basslines and the drums are completely not the same at all. So since there is only bassline and drums in the clip which the accusation is based on... ?

3) The guy sounds arrogant, but people in glass houses, you know.

4) The game looks crap, but obviously some people are willing to pay $80 for it. Enthusiasts are strange sometimes.
added on the 2009-08-08 12:09:08 by doomdoom doomdoom
5) Atari has always sucked hard.

added on the 2009-08-08 12:13:25 by doomdoom doomdoom