Bitses stap da ART krap!!!!!!!

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bARTman gekts aout MAAW. bARTman traitor. bARTman hatez MAAW nymor

me z bARTman, da ARTistz fram MAAW wit da boes *ART*, *ART*, *ART* and *ART*. fARTs arogani. mi heit arogani. pouret strated bing aroganic. is sad ;-(
cos da leims. leims ARTs. ARTs messssink pouret. Thu ra bad man. Is ist bad....

me waz in MAAW
bot lefft
coz geim, bat geim enuf
no fanni eny moro

olso arogani pouret ader pipol. wont neim. Dont wont presolany..

Bat stap
stap adlist dat cpar
ist bad

not refreshing
szene dent
leif dent
mi dent
not giou kil mor
mi bad
mi sad

not coz giu

bat dont kils szin

Hez it mor? Boring eny mor..

Elze bARTman willkommen! kicken ass, brink piss in szene. bARTman sad. bARTman wont gut szen produktionen. elz bARTmans leif funktioniert nicht mejhr. but nicht killen die szene mit krapjokes like ARTs, etlaest no so mach, joke gut bat juke ober nnow..

added on the 2002-11-15 18:10:08 by bARTman bARTman
Get back into your cage bARTman..
added on the 2002-11-15 18:11:55 by ekoli ekoli
du not anderstad, snif ;-(
added on the 2002-11-15 18:23:24 by bARTman bARTman
bARTman, can you translate what you said? btw, I don't know you. are you a wannabe ARTist? is this poetry?
added on the 2002-11-15 18:24:04 by bARTsimps bARTsimps
remove your mask
added on the 2002-11-15 18:36:21 by Optimus Optimus
added on the 2002-11-15 18:40:26 by bARTman bARTman
all perhaps..
or stop the ARTjoke and vanish
added on the 2002-11-15 18:41:51 by Optimus Optimus
Me oveer
Wond si mi angain
added on the 2002-11-15 18:44:21 by bARTman bARTman
athers? Thi meik mi sad ;-(
added on the 2002-11-15 18:44:46 by bARTman bARTman
all my mind can stand is the obiously addiction of pouet users to craps like _ and avoiding real prods, the ART is the final solution, so eat it with measure, and you'll be happy again, forget all that usual crap that groups release at parties, be a man. enjoy ART
added on the 2002-11-15 19:12:35 by nculARTe nculARTe
if you don't enjoy demos, then what are you doing here??
added on the 2002-11-15 19:30:09 by ekoli ekoli
you know, what you are doing has already been done before in the past, even in the demoscene.

people doing crap stuff supposedly as bad as the stuff they, but not the others, consider crap.
to desperatly make a point, trying to prove the rest (and themselfs and their own egos) that their stuff is actually nice and better then the crap beeing regurgitate by seemingly more and more people that others somewhat enjoy and occasionaly on a sheer flashby strike of bad luck labeled as maybe possibly maybe beeing art in their own eyes.
the world needed to snap out of it and do DECENT demos again.

"i could fart into my microphone and call it art
It would be a one of a kind fart"

if you had been paying any proper attention to the demoscene you would already be pretty sick of demos, antidemos, compo winner demos, eurotrance demos, dcs demos, art demos, alternative demos, raytracing demos, anti-artwave, idm demos, idm wannabe demos, design demos, dezign demos, techno demos, tekkno demos, boumboum demos, comtemplative demos, anti-cliche demos, ambient demos and whatnot else demos that are around.
you would be doing whatever you felt like doing, like pretty much everyone else is. (why would you be bothering to do something you dont like for your hobby rather then for beeing a joke?)

did you ever consider just doing whatever you feel like doing instead of caring what others say?
you know, just actually doing whatever you really felt like.. not aiming to satisfy your ego, to make you more popular, to prove any silly point.. you know, ACTUAL DEMOMAKING..
instead of wasting time doing prods for others to overANALyze in a desperate attempt to prove you right.
couz if you did, maybe it wouldnt hurt to think about doing it like that again.
you know, those silly things like showing stuff you been working on to your friends while having a couple beers and stuff.. instead of caring about what all the other people who couldnt care less about you or what you do think.

if you got an opinion to state, do a prod, but not a bad one obviously, write it in the infofile and thats that. i mean if you enjoy doing bad prods thats really nifty but no one will take you seriously now will they?

the point of my post is, flooding pouet with crap prods and comments wont get you much of anywhere.

3pixels people managed to state their opinion with a good demo, well, atleast i thought it was good, mostly everyone else disagreed, but the point is they did something somewhat properly done in order to state their claims, they didnt resort to majorly lame and childish acts.

you think anyone will care either if you do 1 crap prod or 50 or 500? they'll just consider you more lame for keep flooding their discussion (if you can still can call it that) spot with crap in your desperate attempt to proove yourself right.

i could make 57945972 prods of naked goats with shrieking bad trance and thumb them up to claim noice is crap, there would still be people enjoying what noice do and they would still be doing it, wouldnt change much of anything besides keeping me busy with doing stuff i would maybe find funny but would be totally meaningless.
(and no i dont have anything againt noice, im sure gnilk and the rest are nice people, i dont like their demostyle much thats true but nothing personal, im sure they dont like my demostyle much either ;), just used them just as an example, nothing more)
added on the 2002-11-16 02:08:42 by psenough psenough
sorry for the long post. i'll go away now :)
added on the 2002-11-16 02:10:32 by psenough psenough

dont touch dcs demos..
oh you meant dcs demo?! sure thang.

added on the 2002-11-16 02:18:14 by raver raver
Merv Griffin!
ps is a very lame art wannabe
added on the 2002-11-16 16:47:27 by mrART mrART
i dont think i'll ever be up to your level.
your art is too deep for me to compete with.

i'll just go fishing now.
added on the 2002-11-16 17:13:37 by psenough psenough
yeah. not many people understand art.
added on the 2002-11-16 18:43:58 by boik boik
ps: funny you mentioned 3pixels as an example, I think you are in for a surprise...
added on the 2002-11-16 18:47:58 by sin sin
maybe its mac and trace with diferent nicks and just didnt want to trash 3p name with bad prods and only realized that after releasing the first.
but still, i did like 2k3 and not the minimalanimal stuff.
added on the 2002-11-16 23:21:58 by psenough psenough