What's the story behind the Plastic PS3 demo?

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by the way I'm mirroring it on scene.org, should be there in a bit
added on the 2008-03-25 22:42:14 by _-_-__ _-_-__
added on the 2008-03-25 22:42:46 by bdk bdk
well actually not so fast, scene.org can't get more than 30kb from bonzaj's server :(
added on the 2008-03-25 22:42:53 by _-_-__ _-_-__
Fei, no problem, I figured I could be wrong. The description on the production page paints a much more telling story anyways. I obviously had no idea that people from SCEA and SCEE were involved in the devprocess.

Can't wait for the final exe, and to see in what ways it's interactive :-)
Bonzaj: seems like a bad idea to put the video on your own server :) You should upload it somewhere else.
added on the 2008-03-25 22:55:27 by a_lee_n a_lee_n
Bonzaj: kill all connections that are still in the beginning of the download and let scene.org get it :)
added on the 2008-03-25 22:57:30 by FirewalkR FirewalkR
.. or just rename the file until scene.org has all of it.
added on the 2008-03-25 22:59:09 by a_lee_n a_lee_n
bonzaj: that is actually a good idea. Scene.org staff is trying to grab the file now, but it goes really slowly, and we can't mirror it until we have the whole file.. naturally :)
added on the 2008-03-25 23:32:05 by gloom gloom
It's amazing what the gaming community is doing to it...
added on the 2008-03-25 23:34:39 by noouch noouch
please kill all connections to this file and give a alternative link only to scene.org staff...
added on the 2008-03-25 23:38:13 by substrate substrate
ok, done I'm uploading the file to scene.org now
added on the 2008-03-25 23:43:27 by bonzaj bonzaj
just gotta wait a few days for it to get out of incoming now!
burgrlovr : no, it can be done as soon as Bonzaj is done with the upload.
added on the 2008-03-25 23:45:20 by keops keops
keops: yeah i know, i was being facetious!
bonzaj.. only 40Mb ? Your file on the web server is at least 10 times that!
added on the 2008-03-25 23:52:10 by _-_-__ _-_-__
Bonzaj: I may have a small present for you.. :)
Is it ok if I upload my recording of the bp08 stream (including your speech and the reaction of the audiance) to youtube?
added on the 2008-03-25 23:55:50 by magic magic
ok so the file is still being uploaded despite showing up on the public archive.
added on the 2008-03-25 23:57:24 by _-_-__ _-_-__
Coommmmooooon Commmooooooooon!!!
added on the 2008-03-25 23:57:42 by Optimus Optimus
bonzaj: your upload seems to have stopped at 54mb.. the original file was something like 250 mb I believe..? Please check the upload. Scene.org staff is ready to move it to the public area.
added on the 2008-03-26 00:01:57 by gloom gloom
gloom: don't worry, the upload is still continuing... we're on it :-)
added on the 2008-03-26 00:04:02 by sparcus sparcus
sparcus: Good. :) The news is one of the top three pieces on n4g.com now, one of the bigger gaming-news aggregators. We should really prepare for some heavy traffic, and get the file on as many mirrors as possible, as soon as possible.

(I realize I just used Pouet as the scene.org mailinglist ;)
added on the 2008-03-26 00:06:28 by gloom gloom
gloom: knos and me already used the pouet oneliner for the same purpose so you're forgiven ;-)
added on the 2008-03-26 00:08:41 by sparcus sparcus
magic: Do it! i missed it on the stream :/
added on the 2008-03-26 00:08:43 by steflon steflon
magic: yeah sure do it :)
added on the 2008-03-26 00:09:27 by bonzaj bonzaj
well guys don't be so impatient, we're around 50%
added on the 2008-03-26 00:11:31 by _-_-__ _-_-__