Cotton swabs

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You know, I had this problem. After several months I can't hear very well because I have accidentally pushed wax into my ear. I have gone severeal times to the same doctor to remove it. I have to go now once again. I am a bit shy to go because it's like I am coming with the same shit again. Ok, he told me to not clean my ear with cotton swabs but with some other ear-sticks manufactured in america or something but I couldn't find them. Maybe he told me other ways. But we didn't discussed it much.

Now I read, of course cotton swabs are not suggested but they say I shouldn't be cleaning my ears at all because earwax is actually there to serve a function (to protect from infections, etc, etc). It's not something that should be removed. And if there is more of it, there is a self removing mechanism so I didn't need to do anything at all. Nobody told me that!

All I had to do is nothing. Agh..

And then I am wondering. Are some hygiene things we do ok. For example, why shaving? Why cutting our hair? Cutting nails? I mean, when in the past people didn't have those tools and supposed "hygienne" rules we have, maybe hairs, beard and nails surved a natural purpose? Ok, with nails I am really wondering because if you let them grow for twenty years (there was an old lady in guiness book with a metter or so of nails) they become inpractical (Here, what did nature do wrong? Aren't there mechanism to cut nails automatically? Why our nails grow extreme but not the nails from lions or something?). But does a beard and long hair has positive or negative impact on hygiene? What is the natural and what is the improvement?

But I was let dumb by the cotton swab story. Although most people when they hear this they say it's bullshit because they think "but I should clean my ears, how I am supposed to change habits?". Well, ear cleaning was on of the few hygienne things I could enjoy, the rest not. I don't get it..
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you were probably supposed to wear out your nails like claws, what, do you want your body to have to think of everything
you kind of asked for it:

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and puryx goes mental
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Does Hello Kitty shave ?
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that tiles pretty well
I think I found some answers. I don't have to analyze it too much in order to feel or not feel guilty. Most people don't care but try to sanitize what they have already got used to it, even though they are not doing it as hard as I do it, where I can't say/believe something simply. If they liked ear-cleaning they'd say this is bullshit and could say ear-cleaning is eco-friendly without feeling the absurd. And they would just continue. Most people just follow what is considered right or what they are used to and don't search for higher answers maybe because they are bothered by the contradictions, they just need to believe and not see the wrong. Ahh..
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Also, yahoo answers is my new friend.
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Optimus is like herpes .. just when you think it's gone, it returns with a vengeance.
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There are also different kind of liquids that can be used to dissolve the hardened bits of earwax in case they are painful or cause hearing loss. Maybe you should try those sometimes if you have problem with earwax. As far as hair goes, anyone with long hair can attest that it causes a lot of problems (goes to your mouth on windy days) and is harder to keep clean and that short hair is a lot more convenient in everyday life.
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sulphuric acid seems to do the trick
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you could try to pour ovlie oil, see what it does :)
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Side effect: makes you look like the idiot you are.
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Side effect: makes you look like the idiot you are.

Side effect: it seems it's not a too healthy practice
(actually in the beginning I also tought it could have been a good option, remembering some commercials on magazines, but then seeing that page...)

btw I think that in pharmacies they sell these "cleaning sprays" which one can easily use, it might be the best option.
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This should do the job
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Well, also this should do a pretty good job:

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