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thats not recursion. the up logo changes randomly... or is just a logo refresh page? uhmmm ...
enable offline browing in your browser and the logo will stay the same.
or, just disable logos here
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surely you jest
Warum .. hab't ihr alle so'n 'Schaden' ?? .. ;) .. Echt irre .. irgendwie 'normal' zu sein ?! ..
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Recursion: n. See "Recursion."
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added on the 2009-10-09 04:30:29 by sigflup sigflup
You wan't some recursion. Everything which exists as either a material or totally abstract concept. Had something totally abstract which preceeded it. You don't need to worship it or follow it anymore than a dog needs to chase its own tail.*sigh* I could elaborate, but what is the point!?

I think the old adage "a picture tells a thousand words rings true especially in the demoscene. Soooooo. Pop these image forms into your recursive filter....

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and if those images did not say it all, then maybe this one will...
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(=I am wearing a hat and you are a big pussy=)