BAD GPU emulador/simulator?

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How can I slowdown my GPU, or simulate a worse card?
added on the 2010-05-24 23:30:10 by xernobyl xernobyl
using a virtual machine like virtualbox with appropriate settings?
depends what you mean by "worse card" is it only the clock or some features missing ?
added on the 2010-05-24 23:34:21 by Tigrou Tigrou
I want an emulator for a GPU that is faster than mine that runs at fullspeed.
Just the clock is fine I guess. I'll just belive that OpenGL <2.0 will behave correctly (yeah I'm forced to use it).
added on the 2010-05-24 23:42:13 by xernobyl xernobyl
I'm sure you do ;)
added on the 2010-05-24 23:43:19 by xernobyl xernobyl
can use ATITool or something like that to downclock it.
added on the 2010-05-25 03:20:00 by micksam7 micksam7
I guess you can tweak your engine to have a "slowmode" setting where you force resolution to be 4096x3072 with 16x supersamping, all your textures to 8kx8k, and all VBOs to be disabled... I agree it would be nicer to do it in the control panel, tho.
added on the 2010-05-25 10:00:42 by iq iq
Though iq, it certainly is not all that predictable and concrete as a well-defined limitation now, is it?

However I am curious, xernobyl; what's the relation between low clock frequencies and software behavior? It's not like because of the clock mutexes will cease locking or opcodes will rearrange themselves differently.
added on the 2010-05-25 10:28:38 by decipher decipher
Assuming that you're not on a laptop.. how about buying an out-of-date card off eBay for 99p?
added on the 2010-05-25 10:32:35 by evilpaul evilpaul
Yes, just creating a rendertarget (+ Z-Buffer) with a higher-than-the-display resolution would help, as would downclocking the GPU. Combining both should get you relatively far.
added on the 2010-05-25 11:18:20 by teraflop teraflop
decipher: some effects can be framerate dependent, like feedback. Slower card = totally different visuals in some cases.
added on the 2010-05-25 11:23:40 by psonice psonice
AtiTrayTools has an option (under advanced setting) to force the maximum pixel/vertex shader version supported by the hardware. Dunno if there is an option for OpenGL version (it has been years since I last used it).
added on the 2010-05-25 13:19:01 by dr_evil dr_evil
glFlush() all the time, followed by sleeps.
added on the 2010-05-25 14:15:11 by sol_hsa sol_hsa
I agree with evilpaul. You could just buy an old card. This has also the advantage that you could test on Nvidia and ATI. I'm not sure if it is a problem to have the ATI and the Nvidia driver installed at the same time, never tried it...
added on the 2010-05-25 16:38:38 by src src
something to keep in mind is that, especially with iq's suggestion or just generic downclocking of processors/memory, older or "worse" hardware potentially runs on different circuitry/logic alltogether a.k.a it's not a linear factor at play

i find running/devving on x3100 (my always on hand laptop has it) to be quite good a test for slowpoke tiled shit hardware versus running the results on a decent box at home every now and then

(anyone else here noticing that as soon as you've got a) a job (or time-consuming equivalency ;-)) and b) a solid dev. env running on a laptop you stop working on your home dev. box?)
added on the 2010-05-25 17:07:12 by superplek superplek

...and then, c) when you have a decent enough dev/test box at work, you get rid of your home dev box
added on the 2010-05-25 17:34:01 by evilpaul evilpaul
You could ask someone with the hardware to test it for you.
added on the 2010-05-25 19:39:04 by Baz Baz
i bought a new desktop during my recent redundancy, beefy gpu.. but in the 3 months ive had it its only been used for irc, web surfing and not much coding at all ;) Considering that with my new job I get a solid 2 hrs coding time on the train, I usually get home and just plug in the laptop again and code on that after a day at the office if I need to code ;)

anyways....... soz off topics.
added on the 2010-05-25 21:54:22 by dv$ dv$
ooooooh maaaan! so your the one that trains off the code!!
added on the 2010-05-25 22:46:35 by gentleman gentleman
I do database stuff at work, with C# and Linq... yipee!

added on the 2010-05-26 17:35:19 by Jcl Jcl
"BAD GPU emulador/simulator? "

added on the 2010-05-26 17:57:16 by Oswald Oswald
yeah. what does BAD mean, really?
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added on the 2010-06-09 16:10:31 by shuffle2 shuffle2
i do massages and hand-jobs at work. and you should always have a prev-gen setup for testing stuff. just something small, like a shuttlex (thats what i have...it has xp, a GForce 3, parallel ports, vga ouput and all the ancient stuff)
added on the 2010-06-09 16:51:38 by button button